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  1. Which type of gold are you selling: OSRS How much gold are you selling: 20m Have you added me on Skype: yes
  2. Tried out the script: http://i.imgur.com/ObH3smP.png at some point it just starts worldhopping nonstop.
  3. Well you shouldn't have to do this much work for just this little problem. I am sure theres a alternative/easy solution then writing a whole webwalking api. None the less, thanks dude for replying! Not every scripter responds to the users or small issues. I used your script with about 75% of my bot accounts and they complete quests flawlessly. Keep the good work up!
  4. I have noticed some issues with the waterfall quest/tree gnome village maze. When it tries to navigate its way to the middle part of the maze and does so by spamming the path where it has to go. Sadly sometimes it clicks outside the maze or outside the wall of the path which results in the bot walking back. Only when it is close to the marker you set when you click on the minimap will it walk back or when it has fully walked back. This can sometimes cause a bot to be stuck in the maze for 5-15 minutes and it definitely looks weird walking back and forth in the maze lol. Would be cool if you could implement a check to see if it's walking back or a better alternative.
  5. It seems with world hopping it sometimes keeps clicking the world it's already on, it does it several times. Manually attacking a monster will make it unstuck itself and resume. Is this a known bug or a possible mistake on mine?
  6. I have a suggestion to make if you all don't mind. It would be a cool feature to have a target amount of fish to catch with a randomness. For example you would add it in the bot and you could just input 1000 with a randomness of 250 so it would fish a quantity of either 750 to 1250. Once reached it would log out. If it could be added as a profile step, that would be great!
  7. Hey I can't seem to find a guide or video on the logic system, does anybody know where I can find it?
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