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  1. @IceKontroI Or open quest journal. Lines are changing almost every time during quest completion. @HeyImJamie Congratulations on releasing quest script. Good luck with Misthalin Mystery though.
  2. @EasyMoneyCx As far as I know, Jagex team said, that they won't ban anybody who uses RuneLite for now.
  3. I would prefer "Our picks" panel to get removed. It covers big portion of site. Instead, topics about TRiBot updates could be replaced by premium scripters topics.
  4. In case of caching food from inventory. Good option would be creating an enum that has all food declared with name and how much food heals. private enum Food { SHRIMP("Shrimp", 3); // add rest final String name; final int healing; static final Food[] FOOD = {SHRIMP}; Food(String name, int healing) { this.name = name; this.healing = healing; } private String getName() { return name(); } private int getHealing() { return healing; } } ED
  5. Note button child has been changed. final RSInterfaceChild NOTE_BUTTON = Interfaces.get(12, 35);
  6. Download the latest version of daxWalker. https://github.com/itsdax/Runescape-Web-Walker-Engine Unfortunately, you will be getting getting errors, since requests for public key are capped.
  7. @spaxxii Best is to test yourself how long accounts last, before they get banned. It could really be from hour/s to full day. Depends what you are botting, proxies, accounts etc... It is not worth it to do tutorial island manually on accounts that will be used just for suicide botting.
  8. @Final Calibur What is wrong about naming class with a verb? For example in TRiBot API there is Banking class, so naming Bank instead would be convenient?
  9. Hello. TRiBot can reload OSRS client automatiacally after update. Does it work? Thanks.
  10. Hello. Currently I am deciding, whether is worth switching to daxWalker or rather stay with TRiBot WebWalker. I would like to know if daxWalker is somehow better, than current TRiBot WebWalker. Thanks.
  11. I changed max memory usage back to 256MB, but I still had same high memory consumption, so I switched to 32-bit JRE and here is the result. Comparing to previous picture, currently clients are using 100MB less RAM than before. In conclusion, high memory usage was due to 64-bit JRE that I was using. I have not tested it with 32-bit JDK, but I think it would very similiar memory usage as 32-bit JRE.
  12. @Final Calibur Cooks Assistant Bot cannot pick up Bucket, because of bad camera rotation. Thanks. EDIT: Another thing that I have found. Bot is changing worlds for no reason..
  13. @Final Calibur Reome and Juliet Bot finished Sheep Sharer, then starts Romeo and Juliet. However bot got stuck at very first dialog, when talking to Romeo. It just repeat whole dialog again and again... Here is debug, do not know if it helps... debug.txt Thanks.
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