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  1. solved if anyone was wondering! tyvm @Kuscko unbelievably huge help
  2. do you have discord? it would be easier to explain over it
  3. you're a legend thank you!, i tried for a while but im not very familiar with this type of batch
  4. I scraped pretty much all the other files i made to try and get the pids but this is the CLI batch im using java -jar "%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\.tribot\dependancies\TRiBot-10.21.7.jar" --charusername "[email protected]" --charpassword "1234ismypw" --script "nRestocker" --charworld "306" --scriptargs "nrestockprofile1" --breakprofile "defaultbreak" --proxyhost "666.666.666" --proxyport "1080" --mem "512" --disablefwall --detach
  5. yes this exactly, sorry if im bad at explaining
  6. not trying to get the individual tab pids, i only run 1 client per tribot client so just fetching the pid of the tribot i just loaded from the batch file which would be (batchfile1>7843, batchfile2>9381, batchfile3>16128) they show up as "java.exe" for me in the tasklist
  7. I'm trying to find a way to get windows PID numbers to specific clients after i load them via the official CLI every method ive been trying is getting the CMD's PID and not the tribot itself Example: open username1.bat and print out the .bat name + PID (username1.bat > 93821) open username63.bat and print out the .bat name + PID (username63.bat > 64362) any help is appreciated!
  8. try loading tribot once with the previous version (10.19.4) close it and try again, works for me. though i would start switching your stuff over to the new system relatively soon
  9. if i win dont even bother sending them to me. I will just refund
  10. use this script on many accounts and also got 99 prayer on my main account thanks homi solid script
  11. nMagic has a progressive setting just make a list like alch yewlongs till out of supplies alch steel plates till out of supplies etc
  12. holy shit you can get banned for botting? im going to turn all my accounts off asap didn't know that was possible. we should start a revolution against Trilez and demand our monkfish and VIP back
  13. I have a way to guarantee a perm bans willing to sell method
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