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  1. Banned after using the free trial at matter Farmers. Never botted before, Ironman account with a lot of hours. Only a temp ban, but still.
  2. For some reason the gui never loads. Stays stuck on Loading. Lite nor NMZ edition work. Other script gui's load fine.
  3. I am wondering if you are able to integrate nCooker into this as well? Thanks!
  4. For some reason when I try to use any of the jbot scripts, it wont even open up the initial gui. I start the script, I see the paint, and nothing else happens. The paint is stuck on "loading" but continues to count script play time.
  5. When checking ammo and charges it should ensure that it is on all or game chat. Currently I had the chat on public, and began restocking without a human technically knowing what the answer was. Who knows if it would help at all, thought I would mention it regardless. Amazing script as you know
  6. Hi there! I am just starting to start my own small goldfarm, and am hoping to get a bit of insight on increasing the amount of time my accounts stay alive. My question is, would using something such as Jbot's NMZ acc starter before botting my method allow me to suicide it for longer? I am finding my accounts get banned after 10-16 hours of botting my method (Suicide botting atm). I am hoping to get their effective 'goldfarming' time to at least 25 hours. I am considering using multibox to setup the accounts once a week, doing things 'legit' for about 2 hours to get it some ini
  7. Previously you mentioned you added goldfarming support, but I cannot find it anywhere within the GUI or within your main post. Has this been disabled?
  8. Would it be possible to add the option to join a random FC from a list of names? I also thought of giving a positive experience playing old school runescape, in the logout menu in game.
  9. Would you be willing to share your info for the v3 script?
  10. Just curious if I used multibox as the capture client for LG, would multibox function correctly still?
  11. I plan to run it from my home computer, why would I need to run a proxy? Wouldn't it be strange for me to only kill zulrah from a different IP?
  12. Anyone have experience using this on a main? 2k~ total, usually use the free monthly trial. I would only be looking to make enough to cover the cost of a subscription for a month, plus about 10-20m per month.
  13. Anyone have success botting with mage only? Worried about getting banned from botting 85 range, would lower ban rates a lot if I didn't have to train it.
  14. Is there a way to setup a default inventory? I find it mustn't look too legit having a random inventory setup. As well, currently my mage setup has 1 more piece than my range setup. It currently eats a shark to make space, and the shark could be quite far from the other equipment, making it more bot-like. Would it be possible to make it drop a shark instead of eat one, as well as re-arrange the inventory to a default pre-set?
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