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  1. ^As he stated above, my main account i'd been using for years that had QP cape and alot of other achievements that normally keep an account off jagex's bot radar was perm banned first offence at warriors guild this morning. I'd back off the place for now. also lets hold a memorial for the 250M that is forever lost on that account. rip
  2. let's just say i've purchased from probemas over 10 times in the past 3 days. hands down the best gold sellers there is! thank you guys again
  3. Commenting to let you know I am currently trying to buy 24M x 07 gold via livechat on your website. edit- transaction went through extremely fast, in all honestly probably the most professional gold seller I've ever used hands down. Absolutely recommend using him for any service runescape related.
  4. The issue seems to be resolved with the fixes you gave me. Thank you!
  5. @Aropupu Woke up this morning to my account logged out and when I attempted to start the script again several times, this error occured sorry for the non copy and paste it was just too long
  6. Could somebody tell me what my issue is? Every time I try to start my script it begins to download and this happens. I don't think my auth time ran out but is that it?
  7. Can't get the script to start after todays update, stuck at [22:06:01] Downloading script 'daxHunter [Premium]'.
  8. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or it's the script, when I try to add a new formation for a different account It uses the formation I use for my other account in a different area, so it attempts to run across the map to that area. I've even deleted that formation, tried it with no formation, and made my own but it does the same thing. Any help? Edit- the issue resolved itself, after another attempt at fixing it. It began to work.
  9. Just purchased your bot and it's been running 3 and half hours without issue. My only concerns issues I have with it are that it's quite slow when it comes to clicking obstacles or around the minimap. It tends to hover for 4 seconds or so before it eventually clicks. I'm quite content with how it seems to be running so far regardless.
  10. Bought your script yesterday, for the most part absolutely beautiful and worth the money. Birds have been flawless but the falconry portion is slightly unreliable for longs periods of time it seems. My issue being I need to manually click through dialogues to obtain the falcon and pay gold otherwise it'll attempt to ask about the quest or get stuck at random points in the dialogue at which point it attempts to start over by clicking the npc to start chatting again and never actually quite makes it regardless of numerous attempts. Second problem I noticed is I came back to my computer to check on it and it was standing by the npc you purchase the falcon from trying to buy one, although it already had one stuck on a kebbit. I believe it might have misclicked to far from the kebbit it already caught and thought it no longer had the falcon I guess? Hope the issues are fixed soon, if you need more information I'll be happy to help. Cheers -edit about 20 minutes later the issue occurred again, manually clicked back to the area that the falcon had caught the kebbit and the script just stood there until the falcon disappeared. Fortunately after this happened it did click through the dialogue just fine that the npc has for retrieving the falcon when that occurs. Not much of an issue other than slight xp loss and that it sort of looks bot-like.
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