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  1. Few things im having issues with.

    I cant seem to load my equipment, It seems to constantly want to go to GE and purchase everything to do the run even if everything is in the bank, During allotment runs if it gets bag full it will empty/drop a compost so when it gets to the last plots and needs a compost it just stands there afk waiting, if i manually add 1 from the leprechaun it continues on as if nothing ever happened.

    I restarted it earlier and while it was trying to go to each herb/plot/tree spot it was running instead of using the teleports it had purchased/were in the inventory, Was simply running across RS going to each, A restart fixed this however.

    Another issue i came across, Mid Herb+allotment run it decided to go bank for "Supplys" It sat there withdrawing and depositing its inventory over and over, Upon pausing the script and buying more seeds manually, It went on its way like nothing happened again

  2. Hi Mate,

    I purchased this earlier today for motherload mining and its been running great and im unaware as to whether this is a tribot error or script error as i havent botted in quite sometime, However How exactly do i get breaks to work?, Ive set them up  in the break manager and saved it as its own profile, However how do i get the script to use this break profile?

    Sorry if its not related to the script, But your scripts running flawless with LG thusfar really happy with the "Afk" looking motherload mining as thats how i would mine normally anyways not even paying attention.


  3. Whilst using LG with OSbuddy, I cant seem to get alot of the GUI features to work like the "Reaggro position, load nearby enemys, Load inventory" Is this something im doing wrong?, Or is this to do with LG not working properly?

    I havent botted in quite awhile, So go slow with me, Cheers

  4. 2 hours ago, godspower33 said:

    It is supposed to hop to random world, maybe it just got unlucky. 

    Yes I can look into adding emptying pouches faster, at the moment it is how it is coded due to necessity to track the ess accurately.

    The anti-pk also seems to have issues regarding not realising its in the abyss and attempting to world hop :D
    Which is causing majority of deaths :)

  5. 9 hours ago, godspower33 said:

    I can't update the script atm due to the repo issues otherwise no one will be able to load the script :( 

    So basically all of those things you listed are stemming from anti-pk? 

    What are you settings? banking/teleport method

    Teleport method is house glory , After watching it for awhile and swapping glorys when it loses all charges it runs perfectly fine and i havent died since.

    It has some banking issues regarding tabs aswell, It always withdraws 2 teletabs and when it tp's to house it hits the second tab then realises its in the house and continues normally.

    When it see's a pker it instantly uses worn glory, But wont hit a house tab :) so thats what was causing the issues, If it could replace the worn glory it would be sick

  6. Hey mate, New to the script.

    Fews things im noticing as im babysitting it currently.

    It attempts to world hop when it see's a pker, Perhaps emergency tele first? As if it gets hit before it world hops just sits and dies even when not teleblocked (I just tele manually) if it sees a pker it could simply hit a house tab and be safe.

    Also it doesnt seem to check inventory space when attempting to restore HP, Inventory had 2 slots empty, Kept trying to take 3 food out over and over until manually fixed.

    At one point a pouch was full from a previous world hop and it sat attempting to fill the same pouch until i emptied it manually to reset it.

    Another thing with the PK detection, If it sees a pker it Immediately  starts a "Antiban" and has had me just sitting afk in the wildy, if i then walk to mage and tp manually it attempts to world hop.

    There is times it decides to AntiBan at the mage in the wildy, Im not entirely sure how or why i assume its because someone tele's the second before my toon reach's him

    If it notices a Pker the moment it tps into the abyss it attempts to world hop inside the abyss which is practically impossible :D

    Seems that if i wear a glory whilst using tele to home, It doesnt seem to stall when it see's a pker instantly glory's away, It Does unequip the uncharged glory however doesnt re-equip a charged glory.

    Seems to get into the abyss and do all other fine, Just the survivability and tele'ing issues i think could use a hand :)

  7. hey mate, I dont know if this is just happenning to me however when i try and use this script it lags the fuck out of tribot and makes it unuseable and requires a force close, Only happens when i try and load Sigma magic, All other scripts seem to work perfectly, Any idea what i can do?, Script has worked perfectly for me in the past.

    1. Link to script's thread: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/7289-no-vip-800-rellekkacrabspro-abcl10200-hour8-days-proggys60-75kxphrwesteastrange-support/
    2. @RuniteRocks
    3. Price you paid for script: 8 Credits
    4. How many auths you bought: 1 lifetime Auth
    5. Date purchased: Fri, 21 Nov 2014 10:18:36 +0000
    6. Proof that you have tried contacting the owner and that the owner isn't helping you, isn't updating, is not active etc: n41U51V.png JDlq5xm.png
    7. Details of what exactly is wrong with the script, please supply any debugs or evidence you may have as well: I purchased this script quite awhile ago, Back when i was botting a pure at the start of OSRS, And left it to rot as i was training mains etc, After recently returning to try OSRS again and wanting to bot the initial shitty levels, I figured id give it a crack again, But to my dismay, The script simply refuses to work, It has trouble starting up, And even when i get it started up, It doesnt eat/Aggro the crabs most of the time, Aswell as running out of food and just dieing instead of banking, I contacted Runite, But upon seeing he hasnt been active since august i figured i should just post here as it obviously wont be getting updated anytime soon, Sorry if i did it too early, And if so i can wait the other days, Just figured considering his inactivity, It wouldnt matter.


  8. Hey guys,


    I just joined VIP-E today, and I'm looking for some recommendations. I was running daxBlastFurnace for a few days and ended up getting banned. That was before I had human mouse movements and looking glass. (I actually think I got banned because I was flagged from a temp ban 6 years ago on that account) Anyhow, I have another account running Blast Furnace now with human mouse movements and looking glass, but I'm wondering if you guys have any recommendations on money making scripts with low ban rates that I could run on fresh accounts? Id prefer not to run anything on my main these days since bans rates are so high.


    Also, how risky is it transferring money from bots to my main? Would it be likely for my main to be banned if I keep trading money from a bot, and the bot gets banned?




    For starters Things like, Blast furnace, Woodcutting, Fishing, Runecrafting all have high ban rates as they are so heavily botted as is, You may get lucky but in the end botting such skills eventually gets you caught.

    Find things that others arent doing and bot those for the best chance at remaining unbanned :).

    Also, Make sure to never bot 2 accounts on the same IP, As this will get them chainbanned, Even if one is legit and the other is botting, Had this happen myself.

    Goodluck mate.

  9. Will send this in PM aswell

    This script is in desperate need of an update, It stands on the lower level of MLM and attempts to click on the upper levels viens, Aswell as being slower than slow at clearing any debris in the way/Effectively mining.

    Please update it so it does try to mine the viens on the highers levels/It is faster at detecting the debris and such!.

    Thanks mate!.

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  10. Hey, Im looking to sell 300m+ osrs gp, at 2.15/m,

    Will most likely use a middleman for most trades, Unless of course I've seen you around and know your legit.

    PM me here or skype me at : Fifa4989 

    Payment method being paypal

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