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  1. Did you select the "Solo" Option rather than the master option?, As that happened to myself. As usual Erick, Beautiful Script, 46-62 Thus far running perfectly!. Wish me luck
  2. Experiencing quite a few problems with Cutting/Stringing, it tends to be failing to withdraw logs/Cut them/Will put a random item in the inventory, Bank it, Withdraw one log, Cut that log, Bank it.
  3. I notified Trilez of this around 2-4 months ago when i to purchased the script to cook karambwans, He told me then he didnt have an account able to cook them/Could borrow an account but he couldnt provide an accurate timeframe on such, In the end i just dropped it as it is only 1$. Try Erikho's Free Cooking script, Ive gotten 200m cooking exp with it, from 20-200m, No bans.
  4. Ahaha wow, watching these little 15-16 second vids is hilarious, Seems weird though, Are they only on our side?, or does tribot view them?., or are they there for us to upload them when things go wrong?
  5. I do believe its at the scripters discretion, They have the virtual rights of the things they create, So If i was you id be talking to the scripter, Tri is well known as being quite an easy to get along with scripter who creates private scripts for people anyways, So shoot him a pm
  6. With a face like his, I truly dont understand how anyone could trust his uppity Ass, He seemed untrustworthy from the start.
  7. If you wish to change your mac Address, Download a program called SMAC, Will allow you to basically Clone your mac Address, However it is recommended you do not do this more than once, So make sure you do it properly, And dont change the MAC to weird shit, Just note your original Mac address and change say 1 number, Or 1 letter, Its completely different. SMAC is an easy to use program, And im sure you can find some guide on how to use it.
  8. For starters, Tribot client > Debug > Inventory = Will show the Id's of all items in the inventory, Second of all, People are busy, People have lives, Even scriptwriters, I have used this script myself from 60-85 mining on my main and had 0 issues, Keep your post's free of the attitude you display and you may achieve more success in receiving help. Thanks for the script Wssup.
  9. Dont bot 15+ hours a day, Dont bot on Cb lvl 40-below, And keep both accounts seperate from eachother, So as to avoid a chain ban.
  10. Ive been using Virmachs VPN's for like 3 months now, I have never had an issue due to lagg or anything as such, Even with running 3 bot's, Are you sure you not equating the response time from your pc to the server as lagg?, As all clicks are semi slow from your end, But the VPS's Clicks are perfect. 3 bots run perfectly fine on the 15$ plan, Of course they are diminished by say 10% Due to it not supposed to be running 3, But it does just fine.
  11. And thats why you dont retardedly stupid shit such as Fishing/Mining/Woodcutting/Botting rockcrabs moments after making the account. That being said, Ive had a main at mlm for 3 weeks straight no ban, Imo its about what you bot, And what type of account/Accounts lifespan that matters.
  12. If you think your Ip is flagged, Dont create the lvl 3 on your IP, Dont login on your ip. In my own experience its all about what you bot that gets you banned, ive had 10 accounts botting fletching for 16 hours+ a day for 3 months, and No bans at all, Same with cooking. I personally trained a pure 30-30 attk/str by hand then transfered it to my VPS and botted Rock crabs 15 hours a day till 70-70, Then straight to NMZ, 15-20 hours a day, This account to this day still remains unbanned. Its what you bot, Not how you bot.
  13. Hey mate, Love the script. Stringing/cutting work perfectly fine, However when i try and feather bolts it claims there is no resources to do so, So it merely stands and does nothing?
  14. @Rogues Den Ive had longer but figured id post this one. Perfect script, Only issue i have with it/only thing getting me reported by little faggots is around 10-25% of the time the bot missclicks and stands on the fire then proceeds to cook on the fire for that inventory (pissing bitch ass niggas off) Besides that perfect!, I paid for Trilez script but it has no support for Kara's So screwed me!.
  15. What is the use of this?, Why not run 1 Login on 2 clients? Seems utterly Pointless to run 2 clients on 2 logins.
  16. Arnlook


    Some of tribots user's have Bils and bils, I sincerely doubt tribot would bother " hacking " You for Some Coins and Arrows. Perhaps you used an untrusted VPS/Have a Keylogger/Someone Guessed/A CC Member/A Clan Member/Someone you trusted. I Assure you it wasnt tribot.
  17. Arnlook

    Delta Cooker

    Pm'd You a question regarding cooking Karambwans
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