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  1. I don't think im gonna risk it...my zerker has 75/99/45/95/55/94 stats and at last a 60m bank!
  2. But if they do by some chance have my IP flagged then surely my zerk will get banned too?
  3. So I got a 2 day ban months ago for nearly maxing my zerk account... was wondering whether they would have me marked as im going to bot a new pure up from scratch on a different email address but same IP address... Thoughts guys? thanks!
  4. I_Monkzz

    f*ck Jagex

    following the 2 day ban on my pure I aim to max the account which will take 1 week... following that week I plan to goldfarm the shit out of Jagex on multiple bots using premium scripts and breaks. Was just wndering wether my IP will now be flagged for botting and that botting on other accounts wont affect my pure. Any tips would be gratefully accepted
  5. I_Monkzz

    2 day ban.

    so theres no chance of a perm ban if I play regularly from now? even if I botted before they caught me?
  6. I_Monkzz

    2 day ban.

    but I've heard that people that have 2 day bans usually get perma banned straight after due to staff reviewing the 2 day ban
  7. I_Monkzz

    2 day ban.

    but I've heard that people that have 2 day bans usually get perma banned straight after due to staff reviewing the 2 day ban
  8. I_Monkzz

    2 day ban.

    hey guys just received a 2 day ban for botting at nmz... just wondering wether any of you have any info on 2 day bans... I do not plan to bot again after I am unbanned due to the account being nearly a 1 def maxed pure. thanks guys.
  9. when I go to start app... it spams... 'java cannot be cast' then just ends the script... can anyone help
  10. Hey, a message came up whilst I was at work saying 'script instacnes used' ... tried reloading the script and it just says the script is being downloaded... I bought the script again thinking that it would solve the problem and hasn't, anyone know how I can fix this/get a refund? thanks!
  11. so, since update all my scripts keep ending randomly and don't even run for 10+minutes. Anyone else having the same problem or can anyone recommend anything? thanks.
  12. thanks guys, atm im runningre;ekka crab with 20+hour proggys at a time.
  13. thanks mate, I am currently looking for combat scripts other than rock crabs purely because of its ban rate, however, it is limited due to my laziness of not being bothered to gain access to yaks or experiments haha, i'm not making a main... going for a maxed-ish pure..
  14. Been botting for a few days now using relleka rock crabs pro and finally gained 80 strength! i'm a long way off from my 99 goal and have not done many quests, however, I am very pleased I have gained 80 strength within the length of time I've been botting! if anyone has any tips or hints as to wether I should progress my range/mage/prayer for quests and to what level that would be useful and also the best way to achieve these goals would also be fantastic! picture will come shortly... Thanks guys!!
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