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  1. My custom set tile is broken and automatically enters (-1,-1,-1) which is restricting my farm atm. I've reset my client debugged ect.. and sent a client debug/botdebug to the driuds skype, any1 know how to fix this?
  2. Currrently bought 10m after i delayed for a few hours since i had work. After a day i got ahold of my gold for a great rate. Thanks!
  3. Interested in 12m 07. Please contact soon i will go first on paypal and have verification if needed.
  4. Updated, sorry about the day lag i took a lot of bans recently and lost a good amount of my initial investment due to a major mistake in how i transfer gp. I guess ill have to learn from my mistakes and rebuild the farm tonight and tommorow.
  5. Keep updating! These threads are awesome especially the progress you make.
  6. Kk thanks mate, since i managed to sneak 1 acc by im going to continue this method (once i reach target lvl in f2p ill buy membs then switch to p2p wc) Is the banrate low enough on p2p wc that it's worth investing a bond (2m) into an acc which is like 2 nights of farming. So is the expected life longer then 2 days?
  7. Questions So i was using the free f2p woodcutting bot by Epicbot and i had 4 Accounts banned of which all were banned at the same time. Im unsure why i took such a large hit on my first day maybe i'm unlucky? maybe its a bad script? or is it because im not using a vps or any of thing of that sort? Please inform me from your previous experiences i was woodcutting at varrock
  8. Hey! Welcome to my road to 75m (110$), this is a daily log of my first Runescape 2007 bot farm. Currently i consider myself to be running a small scale farm (1-10 bots) however i'll be expanding this farm on a daily basis to increase my profits. I have invested a total of 75 usd (Gp, Scripts, Proxy, ect..). I'm fortunate enough to have 24/7 access to two high end rigs (will add specs on 7/26/15) which lets me avoid a vps until i max out the bots on both computers. Please leave a comment on your ideas, advice, opinion's, ect..) Computers #1- 8 Bots @ 40-50% Cpu usage, 60-70% Physical Ram (Si
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