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  1. Yes, but isn't this Java reflection API detectable? Can you describe in more detail what is the looking glass feature ? Thank you!
  2. Hi Everyone, Just wanted to touch upon a topic that is of interest to me and the way I bot. As you all may know there a couple mainstream bot providers like Tribot and others. Nonetheless the major difference I see is that in some like Tribot it works with injection/mirror where it plays Runescape within its own Executable and others like R*****te have their own dashboard but you open the original client of osrs to bot (instance). Given that apparently Jagex can detect if you are using 3rd party client I wonder why dont all providers of botting services move to the instances one wher
  3. Works Ok but not super fast. Also does not contemplate that in the wildy you can lay one more trap than what is the maximum for your level. I was catching black salamanders at level 67 and only allowed me to put down 4 traps instead of the 4+1 which would total 5. Plus it is a bit slow,
  4. I just bought your Script and it works pretty well. I just do not know why is it selecting my sharks for food instead of the potatoes with cheese. How do I make it change to that ? I can not see. I have also checked that it some times loots the middle chest before finishing looting all the urns. Not really sure why because then you get attacked by the swarm while looting the remainder of urns. But this does not happen all of the time. Only when I think is running out of time. This is at floor 6. These are my only 2 complaints. Hope you can let me know, Thanks!
  5. What is disable xpfailsafe in anti ban ? Also, what if we run out of food in our inventory and we go below the value we setted to eat ? Does it just stops and logs out ?
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