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  1. Could there be plans to use Ornate jewellery box then mounted glory, and maybe the ornate pool to restore energy etc. Pool support alone should make things faster.
  2. @Mute Current bug: Withdraws 5 varrock tabs, salyer gem (checks it for task) withdraws food (tuna) then click deposit all and repeats. There was no bot debug and only these for the client. I also deleted my Hooks data, restart client twice and same problem. Just loops those things. Update 04-25-2017: Problem still persist. Even with latest Java/JDK. Bot just loops the above problem.
  3. @Druid Shift dropping not working, still right clicking drop. This is from the client debug: It is enabled along with shit dropping boxed checked... I took an extra step and deleted the hooks data, restart the client twice and the ran the script it still get this below. Location draynor doing willows. [09:23:14] Shift dropping has not been turned on for this player, reverting to normal dropping
  4. Can you add support for the style we want to use on a dds that will be our main mode. @assume
  5. lol I had that issue for a long time across multiple accounts and it seem to strike randomly, one day am outside the castle wall, the next it just taking stroll around the castle, but the worst one is ending up in the middle of the castle. It's the webwalking. @youarel00t
  6. Just in case everyone should avoid these worlds. We will be performing maintenance on our servers between 07:00 - 08:00am BST on the 10th of September. The following worlds will be affected: 301 305 306 313 314 321 322 329 330 338 345 346 353 354 361 362 369 370 377 378 385 386 393 394 There will be a chance of connectivity issues during those times. We strongly advise avoiding content that places your in-game equipment, items or assets at risk while the maintenance is ongoing - or choosing a world that is not affected. Apologies for any inconvenience that this causes, and thank you for your patience while we complete this important work. The RuneScape Team
  7. I say take your time on v2 there is no rush and only add the anti ban etc to v2 only. I'd rather have something be done correctly and properly written then bits and pieces. Can't rush perfection. People on here can wait.
  8. I keep in contact with him, he is working on a fix but his homework etc come first. He may be silent but he's working on it. I am also frustrated to. Just be patient.
  9. I did manually clicked login in and did it all by hand to, but I still have the other problems and the the let flip website is down to. Edit: PC works. Going to try my VPS at a later time.
  10. Just to give everyone a heads up keep an eye out on the login screen it seems to go afk then the client tries to extended the login time but fails to log in. Next thing is item list doesn't load / Tau Grand Exchange does not seem load at all if it does then it goes afk with no list etc and sits at the ge with it open and only the paint... Not sure if problem isolated to me because of my VPS. I did killall java in my vps, then I cleared out my tribot cache etc, then I rebooted my VPS, then restarted vnc and still having issue. I'm going to try for the 3rd time and test then on my pc. Just want everyone to be on the look out just incase.
  11. So using the trail on a maxed account. Tried different settings, bets, etc never takes a challenge always seems to decline even tho everything is correct in the setup, once it accepts someone then it seems never to fully click accept. I manually clicked accept on one duel and it seem to be fine, except for spamming the the auto chat during the dual. Idk why is not accepting matches like it should. I will play around some more. Wasted most of my trail time lol. Did read the script help guide to.
  12. User_Error

    Delta Cooker

    I been making wines for hours not one single problem. Almost 99. Edit: Just got 99 sometime early this morning while I was sleeping! Thank you. @TRiLeZ
  13. @erickho123 Ya so mounted glory and room detection needs to be looked at. One click in the entrance of the room and one click on the glory should do the trick. Loves to spam the glory and walk in the wrong room and sometimes both. ::toggleroof end up not solving anything like I thought.
  14. Anyone having afk problems as in not attacking a monster when it done killing one.?.
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