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  1. Has anyone done trades with him? He claims to have be highly reputable, but hasn't been on Tribot or Sythe for long. Checked Sythe and saw his feedback as scammed, so I would just move forward with caution.
  2. Hello, Is the script up to date? Also, does it support Tuna potatoes/ baking regular potatoes?
  3. When I am setting up the radius of combat distance, it is not showing up on the bot like it used to. When the radius is set to 15 it's a very small circle that can barely be seen and last time I used the bot 15 was actually a pretty large distance. I am also using LG if that helps. Right now, I have the radius set to 5 and there isn't even a circle on the bot. The bot is working flawlessly, but I would just like to be able to see the radius on the bot so I can adjust it to my training spot. This isn't a major problem, but I just thought I should bring this to your attention. Thanks for the awesome bot!
  4. So has anybody tested this? Curious to know if this is legit.
  5. @slavebotter The least he could do is spend 2 minutes to log on tribot to let us know what is going on with the bot. He said he would release an update "within the week" mid- October. Thus, I believe most of the members are frustrated with the fact that he isn't keeping his word.
  6. I just sent you a PM of the screenshots. Now waiting for you to send me the guide.
  7. I think you partially fixed the problem. I still get stuck in the exact same place but the state says "antiban" instead. Same exact problem though. And yes I did rerun the bot after I saw your update post. Also I noticed another bug. The bot teleports to falador and spam clicks in this area, making it look very bot like. I fixed the bot after it spam clicked around for about 2 minutes, but I think it might have kept doing it if I didn't fix it.
  8. Umm I'm sorry to inform you this but this just happened . It just gets stuck here. If I "pause" the script and tele back to falador, then the bot goes back to work. I have a feeling that the bot processes that it needs to go back to the zamorak altar as it is teleing so that's why it tries to run back without banking. P.S. This is after it teled to falador. It ran back all the way here.
  9. Bot needs an update. It has the tendency to not bank. After teleporting back to fally to bank, it runs back towards altar and gets stuck somewhere on the path there. The bot doesnt really have trouble tele grabbing. Most of the problems occur when it banks after teleporting. I suggest that there be an option where it doesnt teleport back to fally and instead walks back to the bank. Then wouldn't there be less room for error? May I suggest a failsafe where if the bot hasnt banked in like 30 seconds that it could try teleing to fally again to try and reset it?
  10. Does this bot know how not to go upstairs next to the monk? The main problem I see with cursing bots is that they always go up the stairs eventually and get stuck. I'm wondering if this bots has a failsafe of going back downstairs if that were to happen?
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