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  1. @Naton Hey bro, im sorry to disturb you, but i've purchased the wrong option; i purchased option 1 when it suppose to be 2. I purchased option 2 today i was wondering if i can have a refund for option 1. Thanks
  2. Errors Fight arena: Once it has collected armour from the chest it stays in room and doesnt go to the prison side of fight arena. Mountain Daughter: At start fails to withdraw "Gloves", it take out every other item except the gloves; you can manually withdraw and close bank to continue script. Also the above errors i mentioned before are still apparent.
  3. Errors - * Note, im running it from start to finish without changing any sequences. Sea slug Trying to talk to Kennith, walks inside then clicks outside when it can click npc from location. [19:20:06] [Debug] Failed to generate path to: (2766, 3291, 1) [19:20:07] [Debug] Failed to generate path to: (2765, 3286, 1) [19:20:13] [Debug] Failed to generate path to: (2765, 3291, 1) If you manually click it works fine. I think its about 4 times this occurs. Tree Gnome Village Talking to tracker gnome 2, It keeps going around in a loop and wont go inside to talk to the npc
  4. Ran from start to finish, run into a few bugs but overall very good. Will make a list of buggy spots on next account i use this on.
  5. There seems to be a small bug on dwarf cannon, when fixing rails it keeps spaming the rail that need to be fixed but doesnt press space or continue chatbox to fix it.
  6. I hope you sort out whatever is happening IRL, wish you all the best. Thank you for providing one of the best questing scripts i have ever seen!
  7. Amazing development, look forward to the release!
  8. jiitz

    [P] Corp script

    Request: Corp scriptDescription: 4 accounts that work together to kill corp and a mule account which collects the loot and resupplies the corp killers. Payment Amount: No limitTime: End of year.Additional: I would like the script to use a private instance portal for killing corp, bank after every kill, spec to lower def.
  9. I would pay for a script like that, how much hours did you run it per day? The amount of money you made is very little for those 2 months. I believe you played a total time of 95-190 hours total depending how efficient the script it. I missed the link but i really hope you work to become a premium scripter having you there will be a huge benefit for tribot, wish you the best of luck with whatever you decide to do, great job creating that beast of a script!
  10. The clue is in the title, i will not disclose anymore information about it unless you can actually create the script for me.
  11. Request: Fully automated private buyer script Description: This is basically what i want the script to do. The script to load a .txt with usernames and passwords and use it to login, once the account is banned it will move onto the next available username and password etc, the ability to use a mule. Walk to G.E trade a mule and purchase a bond. The script will need to complete 1 quest. The script will buy items till its out of money or hits 20hrs, which ever comes first. Trade the mule the items and the mule will trade it cash to resupply Rest for 4 hours th
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