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  1. Heya Sami, You may need to purchase VIP, as that is required for more than one instance per account. https://tribot.org/#pricing (See 1.) ~Uo
  2. You're welcome! Thank you for the quick reply. I just thought of something, I wonder if since I set it to "Configure" for Seer's teleport, maybe that is causing a problem? Let me know what you find, thanks again.
  3. I sent you a DM about an issue I'm having with the script. It seems only tele tabs can be used, and the bot will not use the teleport spell to seer's
  4. Hello, was this script pulled? I paid for a lifetime single auth and it won't let me run it
  5. Is ecto up\how is it working? Would love to see a script that could snag buckets using the agil shortcut and phial tele
  6. Great script perfect for my lowbies/skillers that cant tele One note: whenever the bot walks between the chicken coop and the cow pen after the goblins in lumby, the bot wants to walk inside the cow pen at least once or twice before moving on to varrok
  7. I was wondering if you could help me with a Script Command for the Auto-Starter, Master Chopper AIO. Send Skype PM in case you are on there before here
  8. Having some issues with using LG and using this script. Gets stuck at the first door @erickho123
  9. The .txt file does not exist, nor does the folder ExTutorial, but I have created it and the text file with no luck on multiple accounts queued for creation Can I manually load the account information in the .txt? I haven't been successful loading the .txt file with account names and pw. what is the syntax for that info?
  10. I ran aAgility from 1-80 on my main 10 year old account, quality script and a lot of features. I would recommend Master Chopper AIO to start off with. I have about a 30% ban rate on fresh lv3s running reg logs, and oak logs for 12hrs a day. accounts are at least a few days old before I work them hard. All with on a VPN. I'm switching to using Virtual Machines and VPNs to keep the accounts separate and I know that it will significantly drop the banrate. I'm still in testing phase to get things shaped up right. I'm going to start out a trial of a few fishers soon to start exploring that route. At the end of the day, I think you just have to play with it and take the advice of people pumping out guides, tips, and tricks to avoid that nasty ban hammer Edit: And like he said; "You can do whatever you want with your accounts, but I highly suggest only using premium scripts or free scripts from premium scripters." @PrestigiousAZ
  11. per free user account you can run one script at a time
  12. I currently use a VPN that will change IP addresses every day. I was seeking general input on how that will appear on their detection methods. I see a lot of post about using proxies within the browser during account creation, and the client for usage, but for a bot farm to have a lot of seperation between accounts it seems kind of pricey compared to what I'm doing. I've read some of the popular posts about how good procedure when botting to avoid the hammer, but I was wondering if this method for my farm is good beyond the limited short term. (Wasn't sure if I should have edited the OP, or made a new topic or just reply like this)
  13. I'm unable to run more than two LG clients because when I attempt to open the third client(I tried opening off my computer, off of another TAB and a different window than Edge, and I tried Chrome) it returned an error "Unable to load advertisement" Any ideas?
  14. Works with IE Thanks @paintballer4lfe
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