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  1. Add me on discord, we should be able to get you running. Discord: warfront1#4937 Warfront1
  2. Unlikely in the near future without access to an account with this new Pouch. @IDontActuallyLift What is not stable about the abyss runecrafter? In short any bug preventing execution of the script with current functionality is addressed. That is to say it is every intention of mine to make sure the Abyss, as well as other methods are stable. If I am aware of a stability issue, I will post here notifying users of the issue, and what the game plan to address said issue is. Thanks, Warfront1
  3. If you set up your bank filler spots, it is a one click to deposit. You should be getting an information message in the bot/client debug every banking cycle. Do you have any more info on the spamming of the minimap? Warfront1
  4. Version 1.023 Released: - Fixes Potion Support in Abyss, Astral, and Law Rune Methods - Partially Fixes Brightness issue on Law Balloon Method - You must manually set brightness to max, if it isn't already set to max. Will be fixed in a follow up release
  5. Version 1.01 Released: - Fixes Weaponry/Battlestaff Creation - Fixes high level UI bugs for all methods, but specifically Weaponry Warfront1
  6. Haven't seen much activity as far as chat on this script goes. I just knocked out a few levels using this script, relatively flawlessly. The investments in the abstraction and data collection have paid dividends in terms of reliability. Auto fletcher Elite -> Auto Fletcher Elite V2 very well may be longest running osrs fletcher available. Thanks, Warfront1
  7. What method/what rune? One tip I like to give customers is to setup everything as you want and start at the runecrafting altar of your choice. The script will show you the intended path from there. Once you get running, you can start from anywhere along the normal route and it will automatically detect your location and act accordingly. Warfront1
  8. No it does currently not support Air tiaras. @Greengang235 @Relv Place the pouches in your inventory, it will autodetect and use them from there. Also, it doesn't support log storage (It did not exist at the time of initial writing), it will use what is in your bank. Warfront1
  9. After you cross the wilderness ditch 5/10 or so times, there is a button (check box) that will allow you to ignore the message forever. I do have a built in fail safe for accounts that have yet to cross the ditch, and have yet to ignore the warning forever. I will need to check into this failsafe to ensure it operating properly. In any case, just pass over the ditch a few times, and click ignore message forever. Also for those who were asking master slave is only currently supported for natures walking. Warfront1
  10. TLDR. The script supports any staff/off hand combination you want as long as you bring the runes required as noted: 7 water, 7 fire, 2 astral Magic Imbue: Required Runes: - Astral: 2 - Fire: 7 - Water: 7 Lunar NPC contact: Required Runes: - Astral: 1 - Air: 2 - Cosmics: 1 Current required AutoRuneCrafter Elite Rune Pouch: Required Runes: - Astral: 2 - Fire: 7 - Water: 7 The original thought was this allows for any configuration you would like: -
  11. Please get a copy of the Abyss book from the dark mage in the center of the abyss ring. More information can be found in the FAQ's on page one of this thread on this specific topic. After getting a copy of the book and placing it in your bank, the script should instantly work properly on NPC contact. Warfront1
  12. Add me on discord I should be able to get you up and running! My discord: warfront1#4937 Warfront1
  13. Version 1.021 Released: - Fixes detection on bank space/fillers for ZMI method I went through and tested ZMI, Abyss, and Fire Dueling Rings tonight, all ran great with absolutely no change. The only issue that popped up was the bank fillers not being detected properly, which resulted in slower than normal banking at ZMI only. All other methods are 100% operational, and required no change. All testing/botting was done on TRiBoT 11 (latest which at the time is 11.2.2) One interesting bug that occurred for me is a TRiBoT client wide issue, which is caused by leavin
  14. I will personally be testing some of the feedback given for ZMI, fire rune rings, and the abyss method, and provide an update tomorrow. In general attempt to clear your hooks, as this often causes issues: Warfront1
  15. Yes it supports pouches, as do all methods currently. Just put them in your inventory and the script should handle the rest. Be sure to contact me on discord if you need help. @SpaceWalk Once piece of advice I give to customers is to set up the script next to the altar as if you were about to do a runecrafting run. The script will take over from there, and in doing so perhaps show you the intended path/usage of the script. Warfront1
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