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  1. Yes it supports pouches, as do all methods currently. Just put them in your inventory and the script should handle the rest. Be sure to contact me on discord if you need help. @SpaceWalk Once piece of advice I give to customers is to set up the script next to the altar as if you were about to do a runecrafting run. The script will take over from there, and in doing so perhaps show you the intended path/usage of the script. Warfront1
  2. Just helped out a new Customer on Discord. Be Sure to check your bot and client debug (located in the bottom left hand side of your client). It will let you know why something is not happening properly (especially when the onscreen status alerts you of this). Also when using NPC contact be sure to have a copy of the abyssal book in your bank (obtained from the dark mage via NPC contact, or via the abyss in the middle) Warfront1
  3. Sorry for the loss, The logic broken is for when you die, the script will terminate. Your reason for death could have been multiple things, I typically carry very cheap replaceable gear when going through the abyss. As getting PK'd is always a possibility if someone is persistent enough. Warfront1
  4. I just was running lavas as part of my testing for the last release it was fully operational, try running through the troubleshooting tips. If you are still stuck give me a message on discord and I can get you up and running. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/21927-799-auto-runecrafter-elite-abysszmilavanormalmasterslave-all-runesmethods-abcl-10/?do=findComment&comment=273937 Warfront1
  5. Version 1.020 Released: - Allows non-lite mode TRiBoT to function properly Please note that this impacts the GUI (setup screen) on most runes. A round of testing was done, and all looks well. Keep me posted. Thanks, Warfront1
  6. Yes but you will need to trade over cash and essence. You just play manually as the slaves trade you. Sorry for the loss. I'd bet it was the VPN's at that quick of a ban time, where did you purchase from? Warfront1
  7. Most likely you are not in lite mode. I have a few other troubleshooting tips (this one included here) @Ivexii That feature wasn't created when the pouch support module was created, I just haven't gotten around to adding that. I'd have to calculate the time save, it is certainly something I'd be interesting in adding. I made a hotfix in the pouch support last week for high level ZMI RuneCrafters, that seems to be working well, but waiting to see if there is anymore feedback on that first. Warfront1
  8. There is so much more to gain from TRiBoT in a healthy way, I'd love to have a discussion with you.\ @bbuu20 Add me on discord: Warfront1
  9. Version 1.019 Released: - Added Poll Booth Failsafe to Lava Runes - Patches Pouch Support on ZMI not working properly for high level accounts - Fixes Background threading errors Please monitor your accounts, especially anything that uses pouches after utilizing the new version. The pouch updates for ZMI, impact all other methods that use pouches as well. Feature was tested, and appears to be good! Warfront1
  10. Yes, the rune essense pouches should be fully operational. I was just running a few Abyss run today myself with all 4 pouches. I am curious for more info on these other issues you were experiencing such as the infinite magic imbue cycle, and poll booth. I will test a few scenario's I can think up about the poll booth and test them out tomorrow myself. In general there is a 5 minute logout if No Xp gained as a failsafe on most methods as a last ditch failsafe. One thing that could cause issues is resizable mode with the Lava's, it often works better in fixed from experience. If you provide me with more information I can try to assist you. At this point if you have cleared your hooks.dat, and restarted tribot, and went through the FAQ. I'd advise you to add me on Discord so I can Troubleshoot with you. If there is script breaking issue, it is fixed (and often the reporter of the bug is rewarded for their time). All that is needed is a good report, so I can reproduce the issue reported on my end. Once I can confirm how an issue occurs, I can simulate it myself and fix it from there. The majority of the time, there is an issue there is something wrong with Java, Tribot Setup, General Tribot Issues, or something that was missed in the FAQ. (IE. fixing the issue requires no code change in the script) Also on the topic of blood/soul runes, it is certainly on the roadmap for AutoRuneCrafter Elite. The current Virus issues are hitting very hard at my primary place of employment which has cut into my spare time for TRiBoT related enhancements. The current goal is to continue to support all current functionality 100%, and provide bug fixes, and smaller enhancements to existing functionality. Thanks, Warfront1
  11. As mentioned by a few other users (thank you for pitching in) you need an abyssal book in your bank for Lunar NPC contact to work appropriately. It is 100% functional on all supported methods as of this time. Other posts about getting stuck after emptying pouches, please attempt to clear your hooks.dat . If this doesn't resolve your issue please contact me on Discord, and I can help you get up and running. Any bug that is completely script breaking is worked as a top priority, and I am not currently aware of any. Warfront1
  12. Magic Imbue: Required Runes: - Astral: 2 - Fire: 7 - Water: 7 Lunar NPC contact: Required Runes: - Astral: 1 - Air: 2 - Cosmics: 1 Current required AutoRuneCrafter Elite Rune Pouch: Required Runes: - Astral: 2 - Fire: 7 - Water: 7 The original thought was this allows for any configuration you would like: - The most simple is nothing additional - Fire/Water Staff (Fire would be probably more efficient as it is typically 1 gp higher) - Steam staff[153k as of the time of this writing] (unlimited Water/Fire) - Mist battlestaff (unlimited Water/Air) and Tome of Fire (Unlimited Fire) - Or literally any other combination you would like. It allows for any method to work. Only downfall is when pouches need repaired, which only come into question really for the Giant to cause any type of material impact. Which I'd have to recaculate was around 1/2 minutes. Simply put the logic hasn't been built out yet, so we enforce the one setup that will never cause any issues. Also after depositing it should successfully terminate the script? Warfront1
  13. I have both routes already designed (if you open the regular nature crafter[non master/slave] you could check it out). The thing with going the safe route is you will need more slaves to craft at the same rate. Since the slaves are expendable and aren't carrying much, the thought was you can just run them down the unsafe route. This was designed back when people would run/craft natures using the "un-safe" route legit, something which isn't as common these days. I'd be curious of the death rate going down the safe path with xp/hr in mind with amount of slaves running. Add me on discord (info in my signature). I refurbished this method roughly a year ago with the help of another customer who was really interested in this method. If you want enhancements we are going to have to work together, as this is truly a niche method that is a real pain to test. Warfront1
  14. What would you want to happen when the slaves run out of money/essense? Would you want to manually restock them? How? Also these slaves still have the possibility to die even if they were on the safe route, even though very low probability. You would not want to load a ton of material onto them. In addition you wouldn't want a ton in the bank either, as the ban rate of the slave is rather high last I tested. @papa skip I did the calculation a year or so ago, but I think I came up with ~1/2 minutes max lost per hour without that implemented. I am aware it would be a slight improvement, but it isn't at the top of the priority list. Warfront1
  15. Check the bot and client Debug it is most likely trying to tell you something that needs adjusted. One Piece of advice I usually give people is to start the bot within the altar as if you were doing a normal runecrafting run, and start there. Sometimes that clears up confusion on how the method works. The master gives back only what the runner would need for the next run. (IE. the slave does trade over everything) This is to limit the loss if the slave dies/is lost. What method are you having issues with, in addition rune pouch or rune essence pouches. In any case deleting your hooks.dat could potentially help. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/52934-tutorial-how-to-delete-hooksdat/ Warfront1
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