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  1. I farmed in mlm for 3 months with great success
  2. We all know it's the fight of the century I saw a user doing this who isn't trusted trying to take a 10% commission so I'd be willing to hold bets for anyone wanting to bet with GP at a 0% fee. Minimum bet amount is 5m07 You must find your own betting partner. You're just been silly if you bet on Mayweather to win. In the very rare case that bans occur, it is not my fault and you agree to the risks.
  3. Get the following error when putting General.useAntiBanCompliance(true); at the end of my script I use other General. functions in my script so I'm not sure why it's happening. The exact code I have is... General.useAntiBanCompliance(true); Included at the top of my script.
  4. wish I had the time to participate in this but it's a great project to better the human level of tribot, hopefully it's toggle-able in the api with a bot > user efficiency % or just a boolean
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