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  1. @erickho123 it is NOT working. the prayer hasnt been switching correctly ever since we originallyk complained around 2 weeks ago. It does not use overloads correctly, it clicks wrong prayers, it flicks protect from melee, it is NOT fixed and ive missed around 12-15 days of this script that i purchased. i would definitely like either a refund in credits or an extension (even though its still not working). not trying to complain, just explaining the issues
  2. When will the prayer be fixed? im not talking about barely working devolopment version. WHEN can we go back. ive lsot out on quite a lot of exp and over 10 days of optimal training of this script i bought. pretty dissapointed in this.
  3. I am having an issue with the bot selecting the correct prayers. I have it set to Protect from melee and to randomly click rapid heal 10-50 seconds. But now its clicking on whatever prayer is to the left. so instead of protect from melee, its clicking protect from range, and instead of flicking rapid heal, it clicks rapid restore. ive reset the bot too, and made sure i clicked on the correct prayers. looks like script is broken after osrs update. when will this be looked at? it says, "flick rapid at -4300001: -22: -44". Like isaid. its flicking the prayer directly to the right of the correct
  4. Looking for someone that is reputable to do a fire cape run for me on my zerker pure. 80+str and range, 90+ mage, 43 pray. Looking to pay with OSRS GP
  5. I added you on discord. wont letm e send message until we are friends. Hey. are you available to do Dragon Slayer, Heroes Quest, Monkey Madness?
  6. its a pure with only 15 pray. 82 range 82 str 86 magic 75 hp. if you can finish the quest tonight ill give you 10mill
  7. All i have is about half of it left. I got the diamond of blood, just need the 3 others. thats where im at. ill offer 10m for you to finish the rest if you can do it tonight
  8. Do you accept my tos? yes Quests looking to get done? DT i have all the way to the blood of diamond done. Do you have req stats? yes Did you add my skype? yes What payment method do you prefer? 07 runescape gold Would you like to use a mm (at your cost)? no
  9. Hi, I was paying someone to do DT and they got all the way up to the diamond parts, He finished 1 out of the 4 diamonds. The person that was doing it went offline and has yet to respond to me multiple hours later. I will be paying in 07 gold. Please message me on here or skype me asap. Skype is druhirchak i need this done very soon.
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