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  1. Mine still says invalid username and password. I have tried the mac version, jar version, deleting/reinstalling, and resetting my password. nothing works.
  2. I can't log in now.. I have linked everything, and it's not working.
  3. I have tried it with and without lg. without lg exp goes up like 5k an hour. I've also ran it on mac and windows. Doesn't seem to make a difference. I am going to clear my hooks now, and see what happens.
  4. Review. Bought this bot for a month a few days ago. Worked good at master farmers, not very proficient at luring blackjacking npcs. While blackjacking it sometimes hops searching for a bandit even though theres one it's pickpocketing from. same thing happens at ardy knights. Also while blackjacking the exp is very low - like 50k an hr. It also fails to detect sometimes, and does a lot of random weird hopping for random reasons. I have a 100 mbps internet connection 32 gigs of ram and an i7 processor. It isn't my computer. Probably won't be buying again next month, even though a thieving script is very handy for my ironman.
  5. Ok? It's been answered captain obvious.
  6. Thanks Netami. That's trash. I paid for lifetime I should have lifetime. I'll never spend another dime here.
  7. All of my purchased scripts have disappeared? Is there an issue right now with the repo or something?
  8. @Druid there is an issue with the script in which I believe it is not checking the inventory properly. when I am stringing it'll often redeposit and rewithdraw my bows and strings a couple times before it actually closes the bank and starts fletching again
  9. Ya good luck getting ahold of tri. I'll never buy another one of his scripts again. its a problem with the client, not the script this time, but his script still carries a lot of problems and support is non existent.
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