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  1. Paying for someone to make me a simple script. Please respond/message me on TriBot or come to my discord https://discord.gg/HK759H and join the channel titled "Private script" I've paid several premium scriptwriters such as Druid and Worthy to make me complex Private scripts in the past.
  2. Hey can we talk? interested in some nmz services
  3. Something similar happened to me not sure how, in the meantime it sounds like you've added the authenticator, I would also add authenticator to your email.
  4. @erickho123 Option to just create the accounts and save info, No tut island?
  5. Welcome to Phat Shock's gold shop! Quick, honest, and simple trades to make your day easier! Our Payment methods: *Bitcoin | PayPal* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contact now to sell your gold: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We aim to be the FASTEST business on TRiBot, if you have gold to sell look no further! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you don't have Skype, Reply to this Thread or m
  6. Welcome to Phat Shock's gold shop! Accepted payment methods: *Bitcoin | MyCashCard| PayPal* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contact now to buy your gold: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We only supply gold that was obtained from real players by PVMing & Staking. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you don't have Skype, Reply to this Thread or message me directly on TRibot
  7. Start Script and AI Start have 2 red exclamation marks next to them and script will not start lol
  8. Final Caliber has became one of my favorite scriptwriters here on TRiBot, great guy and great scripts! Look forward to using this.
  9. i'm sorry if I offended you, have a good day mate!
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