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  1. Could you add prayer pot and quick prayers support? ive got a 1 def pure with 75+ rc that id like to use.
  2. General store nature crafting doesnt work, I was using the "safe" method it doesnt even sell ess to the store, could this please be updated. Or change the name of the script to an aybss runecrafter cause thats all that seems to work with this script..
  3. Can fire rune crafting with ring of duel get fixed? It doesnt even withdraw essence then teles to fire altar and just stands there
  4. Thinking about buying this script since USA Abyss is slow and doesnt get updated often enough.. I have one question does this bot support the use of dust runes for house teleport? If not normal runes (earth and air)? or is it only house tabs for the mounted glory?
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