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  1. Buying 130m OSRS GP for SSGP. One of our developers would like to purchase it and told me to post an ad. Contact CEO & Developer about prices. Contact: http://www.soulsplit3.com/forums/index.php?conversations/add&to=julius Edit: I meant to post it under RSPS please move it.
  2. Baldwell

    Best Free WCer

    Been trying out a lot of them, some of them the movements are really fast and making me nervous.. Anyone know a great free one?
  3. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/36967-supermoderator-100-instant-setup-proxy-services-free-ip-change-5000-different-ips-999-uptime-guaranteed/ I like this one but do i only get 1 proxy for 3 months? The others are like $3 a proxy. Just trying to figure it out. Or should I buy offsite?
  4. If I purchase VIP extended today, (I still have 11 days left of regular VIP) will they stack on eachother or will I forfeit the 11 days.
  5. [21:39:24] Could not load human mouse data. Reason: Human mouse data encryption key not found. Why can't I use it? I just did it twice.
  6. 1 of my fishing bots was banned for macro major earlier today after running for only an hour fishing lobsters at karajama. (after not botting for about a week) Just thought I'd post.
  7. Are you on something mind altering?
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvGnrSvsdGM ?
  9. I get how jagex owns the game. But they can host offshore.. no real names or anything and tell jagex to fuck off, I mean they have to be able to make there identity unknown and host offshore in different countries and what not. It just sucks to know the rsps your playing could be taken down at any moment. Edit: I just wonder if the owners of RSPS's look at it like a business and get as much cash as they can as fast as they can before being "pwned"
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