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  1. I promise you lol, They were not advertising they swapped sparc did it before but thebaby123 did it yesterday on stream for 2k viewers I promise I watched it, lol he paid the guy wanted 40m for 1m they did like 20m for 500k But I do believe its against the rules but they did it.
  2. Ill buy at 1.15 sending pm
  3. If not allowed then thebaby123 and sparc mac and both banned, cause they do it not repetitive but they did it and thebaby123 did it just yesterday actually live stream no ban. From DMM to osrs
  4. Rock crabs are botted a lot so there is a higher chance there then maybe getting you a combat script that fights the id you are around. If you can find a area thats not full of people and not obvious you will have better chances, I always bot my combat accounts in the same spot and never get banned while combat but end up when i skill them lol. Currently botted all weekend and im at 50/50/50 no ban.
  5. I used USA Tut island for past like 30 acc's, Didn't have any problems. but things might of changes since monday-tuesday when i last used it.
  6. Very good description and nice layout. Tip, Don't bot on your main if you really like it. The client itself is not detected but there are some scripts that could cause this and did cause it. Try to use ABC2 implemented scripts. There a few scripts that are very common, Al-Kharid Warriors, the draynor wc,and the flax picker are very common for bots. So be careful with them. I Also recommend reading through this and understanding it before continuing as it will help A LOT! Good luck on future botting https://tribot.org/forums/topic/35728-tutorial-for-safe-botting/#comment-431928
  7. You also got to be careful using obvious scripts. Like during bot busting streams, you will see them go to blast furnace a lot. Just be careful on scripts and make sure to use the best. Ive had a lot of good luck with ABC2.
  8. Although the outcome is probably going to be the same which will cause it to come quicker, Spawning gold or botting.
  9. Yeah defiantly i'm learning java first and then I will go through "api" I did catch the "!=" lol if that was a little test, cause I am a noob with it. But yeah looking at some source and learning some java I can see some relates like objects, if commands, and logical operators.
  10. Thank you very much will be using although its very confusing to me as of now
  11. Im not really sure if people release there work or not, but since the forums are updates i searched source and nothing popped up so wasn't sure. I'm in the newboston java course and learned a lot but, as im learning I want to relate things to the things I learn to the source. Such as increament,operators,ect. The things you guys all know. If anyone could get me a nice simple source. I would appreciate it.
  12. Yeah I will agree with twitch, I don't think they would do that. There is a method to their madness but what it is, is mysterious.
  13. But do you think they are just looking to spawn a bunch of gold sell it and then, people buy it. You know how much money will come in the game. TONS. I don't think they would just spawn it when that would ruin the eco. Then people stop playing, Then there goes money from members, then people quit, sponsors don't sponsor lol. I don't think they will exactly spawn gold but I do think they will just make a huge gold farm.
  14. I mean even if they did sell a bunch of gold, then the only thing that's going to happen is the market for gold to drop. If there is so much gold being generated then prices will drop. Obviously "If" they (chinese) buy it they are going to bot the most profitable way meaning, they will make changes in the system somewhere that makes botting easy and profitable "for there scripts". Someone else will find that profitable way then it spreads. After a while you will just see gold become like $0.30/m. This is just my opinion im not 100% sure on any of this lol I just like to brainstorm. But I do know as a fact people in chinese prison had to gold farm on world of warcraft back in the day and sell the gold to make money. Maybe the same basic thing.
  15. Can be deleted, thank you. I swore I did that but must of canceled.
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