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  1. Toofstah

    Unbanned Account

    So basically my friend noticed my characters name on friends list which was gone previously due to a perm ban, does this mean I'm unbanned and is there anyway to find out the e-mail to this account? I figure it was worth asking her because if it's been quashed it's a decent account, thank you for any possible answers/clarification
  2. Toofstah

    2 Day ban

    I'm in a similar situation with my main, got 2 day banned - I very rarely bot on it now if I bot it'll be for an hour or two a day if that - reduced chance at least
  3. No ban as of yet, will reply back to this thread on Monday to see if I've avoided it - not gonna bot now for a while as that spooked me
  4. Was in MTA in Graveyard room, very rare to see people in there iirc - I pray to god for no ban, I'm home now and I'm Slaying so hopefully no ban only time will tell I guess
  5. So I usually bot like 2-3hours a day max on my main account somedays I don't even bot I just legit Slay >< I put on ExMTA for an hour then realized the bot wasn't doing anything via Teamviewer so I closed it down only to come home from a 12hour shift to see my bot has been online for 13hours????? Not quite sure how that happens but yeah chances of being banned any idea's?
  6. ExMTA expired for me, would be much appreciated for the 7 days compensation spoke to script owner already about this @TRiLeZ many thanks.
  7. I've made like A LOT of accounts, like ridiculous amounts and most if not all of them have been on Bonds, this one was made membership via a credit card hence the 2 day ban(I'm pretty sure of this as I've always had perm bans until this one) just irritating that I dunno what to do now, risk bot/bot but like an hour every 3-4hrs or just play legit for a year then feel sorta safe.. fml...
  8. So, I just got two day banned using MTA via Bot Busting however I've always been speaking to people doing MTA like the Alchemy room for example I'm always there so how exactly did I get Bot Busted? I always thought it'd be like someone next to you watching how you behave whether you reply back etc.. I guess not now >< I'm grateful it's a 2 day ban tbh but I was getting my mage up I wanted 94, but worked too hard on the acc to risk it more so now. Anybody got any views on Bot Busting bans?
  9. From what I've gathered botting for personal gain(gp) seems to come with a higher ban rate than botting for an actual account(xp) I'm currently building a main after quitting for a few months, botting MTA to get my Mage up - little bit worried because it earns quite abit of gp just gotta be careful with how you bot especially since Zul'rah is one of the highest gp/hr methods..
  10. I like how people try to bash people for trying something new, personally I wish you the best of luck, don't let arrogant self-centred people get you down
  11. Any idea's how to fix this? ><
  12. Toofstah

    How much risk...

    Thank you Butta, I'll probably make an achievement post once I hit 100m (: Glad I haven't been banned yet been banned once on the account last November does that get quashed after a year @Butta?
  13. Toofstah

    How much risk...

    Everybody has problem with Agility bot bar me not sure why, I don't bot level 3's I always make sure the account has various stats/quests completed - makes it way less bot-like imo woke up this morning to see it hasn't been banned yet, feels glorious
  14. Toofstah

    How much risk...

    So the past 6 months I've been using an Agility bot, been botting 10-12hours daily currently over 70m XP in it - went to an event last night and forgot to turn off bot >< woke up this morning with like 26hour session, am I just hoping on luck to avoid a ban? :<
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