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  1. Cant seem to start the bot, pressing start doesnt do anything
  2. I take it this is down like every other script? Kean to try it
  3. Does this work on re-sizable client ?
  4. Script runs great but doesn't use special attack on my abyssal dagger for some reason i made sure that i have spelt everything exactly how it is in game but still cant get it to use it
  5. When out of alching or enchanting supplies, the bot continuously logs in and scrolls to bottom of bank, When it logs out due to nothing happening it logs back in and does the same thing, does this continuously for hours.. Please fix asap..
  6. Just a few question. I take it this bot automatically stops when out of materials? Also of topic of script itself, what would you recommend in terms of running this bot for a long period of time? Is it safe to run for say 8 hours in a row or would u guys recommend using brakes or?
  7. Can you add a feature so when your run out of arrows it stops the script? I noticed it ran out of arrows and kept walking from the bank back to the crab's repeatedly.
  8. Really happy with this Script, only been using for 2 hours but not seen any bugs as of yet runs flawlessly. Was expecting around 30 points/hour in the novice boat, but pushing 42 points an hour!! Getting around 25k attack xp an hour to which is a massive bonus! Love the interface and the ability to follow clan chats. Highly recommend. Will try get an overnight screenshot!
  9. Getting massive error message when trying to start bot, worked fine for few weeks until now, will post pics after.
  10. I love this bot, but i would love it even more if the bot had a timer of some sort on it. So that the bot stops say after 4 hours or stops after gaining a certain level. Not needed but i think would be a great feature and very useful.
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