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  1. Couldn't find skeletal wyvern bot so i decided to make a request topic. Looking for just a basic script that uses ranged, safe spots,alches, uses b2p's when needed. No banking needed. I'm willing to pay for this script if we keep it private and its decent, etc. If you're interested to make one please PM me for my skype and we can have a more detailed discussion. PS. If this kind of script already exists please feel free to post the link below
  2. Bought this script today. Wondering which has higher ban rates normal alching or stunning? E: Noticed while stunning (Mage guild downstairs) bot randomly moved like 4-6spaces away from starting point and then got stuck. It just kept sitting there, did some random mouse movements and randomly checked mage xp (i guess it was antiban?) Had to move it manually back to the starting point then bot continued casting.
  3. bought 5 bonds, good guy thanks
  4. very good and fast service , bought 4 bonds for 3 accs, i recommend him
  5. Hey, I bought the script twice (so I can run 6 instead of 3 accounts) and i keep getting these messages [21:29:13] Primary weapon ID: 841 [21:29:13] Secondary weapon ID: 0 [21:29:16] Not enough money to fill coffers![21:29:16] Script Ended: TexanNightmareZonePro. theres cash in the coffer when im selling games and everything is ok any idea what the problem is?
  6. just bought another bond of him and it went very well, no problems at all
  7. just bought a bond for 1m, took less than 2 mins
  8. yeah probably I'm running a NMZ seller bot atm so i'm making decent profits lol
  9. lol, I was using private proxys for each account but they still got banned at once lol, oh well
  10. Flawless! I'm getting about 18K chins give or take/day on 4 accounts. 24hr+ proggy. Thank you for the script, working towards 99 hunter
  11. doing the same, just on 6 accs good luck
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