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  1. You're offering compensation even though it was not your fault, respect it man. For my self no need compensation, just keep your great work going on, Thank you.
  2. You've uploaded the script in a few minutes just after TRiLeZ's post. Thanks for quick fix.
  3. the issue ("not coming back after break finished") is still persist with LG, non LG client works fine
  4. hi @Netami thanks for the awesome script. Could you pls add Bones to peaches tablet support? It's very usefull when you don't want to banking (its not that easy to banking in some areas and thus reducing XP/h), script would collect bones and use one Bones to peaches tablet when inventory is full. So the food is "Peach". This way it won't need banking for food. Thanks in advance.
  5. I came back after a two-year long break. I'm happy to be back in Tribot. Happy New Year guys !
  6. yes only btc, thank you
  7. BTC only, BTC Rate = http://preev.com/
  8. its been almost 1 month now since the script is broken. Still no fix. Even you are ignoring us. What happening @Tri ? Why does it take ages to fix the script? At least you can tell us what's going on...
  9. +1. Thanks for offering refund but no need to refund. We just want script functional like before. Make your best pls, thanks.
  10. pls update script for new deadman seasonal worlds. i just found my acc stacked at a new dmm world. You know, because of this bug, a lot of ppl get banned in previous DMM Seasonal launch dates. Current DMM seasonal worlds: 311 - 320 - 338 - 357 - 374 - 378 I think its better to having an option in the GUI which we can select/disable servers. So you will not have to update script with every runescape world updates. @Tri
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