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  1. disappointed to see the script go had big hopes but fuck it lets see ezQv1 in action.
  2. thank you couldnt have done it with out @Naton
  3. well @naton this thread is dedicated to you . with your script i achieved funny thing is i got banned after commenting and saying "48hr and still running strong" but some how they unbanned my account i think they saw my vps ip and thought someone hijacked the account
  4. bro ive gotten so many bans for botting but this script runs like a champ ...48hrs of run time and still going strong.
  5. mine buddy22

    Is Tribot Safe?

    @TRiLeZ does like this monkfish.....
  6. prove that its you lmfao
  7. i would like to buy 50m osrs but im not going first lol
  8. mine buddy22

    Selling 12M 07rs

    how much u selling a eat mill for?
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