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  1. seems to be completely broken rn just keeps teleporting and running back in to the clan wars portal then teleporting etc...
  2. It would depend on if you are including your method or just your tips and what not. To me, that greatly affects the price.
  3. @Dastardly You are like 45-50 minutes from me.
  4. @YoHoJo Im right in the middle of San Diego. Where will you be at?
  5. @yganni I think this probably has a lot to do with the fact that it was a private script so a lot of current settings are geared towards whatever the private user wanted. If the user was using a fire staff, this would never have been important and therefore not noticed.
  6. @Henrik12 But how many other people would? I really only see this being a private script, as not much people would goldfarm it due to the high reqs.
  7. TiempoSales

    Proxy Question

    @Duhstin Ticket has been answered.
  8. TiempoSales

    Proxy Question

    @Duhstin Okay, I will get to your ticket when I wake up tomorrow. About to sleep now.
  9. TiempoSales

    Proxy Question

    Our proxies are never shared or resold. We have a website that manages this and does not allow duplicate IPs to be posted on the site for sale. If the account had been on a different IP previously, changing the IP could have raised some red flags that led to your ban. This is why we recommend the IP that you are botting on is the creation IP of the account. @Duhstin
  10. @Red_Spark GE Support would be more beneficial IMO
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