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  1. lethalds

    delayed ban

    Friday the 13th event.
  2. Buy a VIP-E trial and use LG (Looking glass) to bot on your main if you truly care about it, a very small price to pay.
  3. that aside it sounds like you're experiencing a java error, the bot should be ran as a .jar file (a loader).
  4. you're going to get banned. don't bot on an account you care about, the risk is way too high nowadays.
  5. I can have your request worked on, pming you. Edit* Declined my offer for 8.5M.
  6. Hello (: I'm wondering if it's possible to write a script that helps predict the next attack style that the demonic gorilla will use on you. Thanks http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/Demonic_gorilla
  7. lethalds


    Bot clients for private servers take years to compile, out of the question.
  8. Use breaks / premium hunter scripts / proxies on new accounts / look like a human and train other skills? - everything else is speculation because no one really knows how to prevent bans effectively.
  9. how much are you paying? jens4626
  10. 1. "Bone Voyage" quest 2. This method probably isn't worth mass botting because of the requirements needed to get to fossil island, your time would be better spent botting else where.
  11. You are the most reliable bot farm manager you know.
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