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  1. @Sphiinx thanks for adding the cool little feature i needed/requested will definitely be using this script!
  2. Selling Sock 5 Private Proxys PM FOR DETAILS

  3. So thought about opening my own little proxy shop i should be able to beat most or maybe all other prices pm me for details if you need any ill try my best to provide the best service/support Prices varies from 2.50$-3$ depending on quantity ofc
  4. ahh ok never mind didnt check those lol
  5. non , people probably had delay bans and thought it was weath being on.
  6. TO HOUSE: (Option?) HOUSE LOCATION: (Location) rimmy TO BANK: (Option?) duel ring TABLET: (Option?) bone to peaches USE FRIEND'S HOUSE: (True/False) false USE SERVANT: (True/False) true Issue(s) Experienced: (Information) it doesnt call for servent/use bell when runs out of material noted materials are all in inventory Picture: (Image)
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