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  1. Past Experience? What bots have been using?
  2. Thank you! Just been using it and noticed the bot spamming 3
  3. Any chance of getting this fixed asap? Looking to purchase this bot
  4. I can Sell you 4 now.
  5. Is there any particular reason why it says that I can then? My account is 5 years old?
  6. I have 4 Credits if you're interested? $1.1 each. From what I've read I don't need 100+ posts.
  7. Hey guys, just wanted to test TriBot out for longer then 2 hours and now have 4 credits for sale. If interested, please message me.
  8. I think he's laughing at your request. Ask the premium scripters if they have time and will do it for you. Not sure if people actually respond to these types of threads because no price is specified.
  9. Hey I've been using this script and not really been paying attention to it much but it has got me 65 runecrafting. I've noticed that this script tends to lag Tribot out after a couple of hours and doesn't support death walking from lumbridge. Will this script ever support death walking from lumbridge/falador and retrieving pouches on where the player died? Also in terms of the lag, I use Mac OS X 10.11?? (El Capitan). Is there anyway to prevent this or should I run this on my virtual machine? (Would prefer not too currently as it's very CPU intensive (VM)).
  10. Is there a way to stop that? I remember when I owned the bot, when ever it received the hell hound task it would run between the 2 areas with people asking what the fuck I was doing. Luckily I was there to respond, but something like that should not use ABCv2. Why would a human run between two areas just to kill an npc when there are ones closest to you? Just a thought I wanted to get across and wandered if it could be fixed some how.
  11. Here is my contribution to Tribot. Will upload more with time. Xmouse_data-264-1455658806653.dat
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