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  1. kid ur so dumb, ive ban evaded like 10 + times.
  2. i scammed 10m because i scammed some aussie guy yesterday for 45m and he's gonna figure out how to report me some how soon so i might aswell get the most out of it as i can... so yeh, izi pizi
  3. Just bring your best range and mage gear and learn the prayer switches and you'll be fine. If you attempt it like 5 times, you're surely to kill it once
  4. Please message me if you're looking to sell (you dont have to have all 200m, just buying up to 200m. Will buy 5m minimum, 200m maxiumum) Thanks
  5. hes a cunt, it probably was him behind the corp glitch as the fucker scams his viewers
  6. i dont need to explain anything to you. Think what you like, do i care? The answer is no.
  7. Lets just remove me from the whole situation and you guys give your opinions to Lewis. Thanks.
  8. I deleted my video, this is the same video but re uploaded i guess as i deleted mine I know, everyone does and personal issues. Dont wanna talk about it but its good that you reuploaded!
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