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  1. Hello mate. I run your trial to test it on LG mode (mirror mode). It just enters the item name on game, clears it and enters it again and repeats infinity. Somehow it does not click on the item just reneters its name all time. On normal mode it works good. Can you please quote or pm me once it works on mirror mode/LG cause then I will buy it!
  2. is your merch script working with LG ?
  3. bloodshot666

    Looking Glass

    Hello how and where can I download the looking Glass (Mirror) Client? Thanks
  4. Hello, everything is working perfect! May I suggest you some option in the gui like "Loot everything over 1k" or something like that? Also a option to loot lobster and eat them would be nice. Thanks for this awesome script! You are awesome <3
  5. Hello, maybe you could help me with the following problem: I leave the script running over night with break handler set and I wake up in the morning logged out with the messaged "The maximum amount of instances" and the account died and is in lumbridge if I log in. Side information: I have a macbook pro
  6. could you help me with that please? http://gyazo.com/e5e0d5c1b0693b9f68875432a916660d It was always working till now
  7. as far as it opens the bank it crashes with the message no pickaxe in bank but i got one lol
  8. It writes i have passed the maximum amount of instances. DUDE I PLAY ONLY 1 ACCOUNT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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