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  1. RSInterfaceChild braceInterface = Interfaces.get(446,47); if (braceInterface != null){ braceInterface.click("Make-All"); } try something along these lines. You have to check for null incase the code tries to run before your client has time to open the interface. Then it will skip directly over your make all code.
  2. I have the source. I am rewriting it right now. I am having an issue with Tribot though.
  3. Hi People. Just posting to let everyone know I have had some problems to deal with, but I am back to revise the script and put some new ideas out :). Stay tuned within the next couple of days! If there is any input as to ideas to be added please feel free to post them.
  4. Mousespeed is set to 100, but it like doesnt move over to the interface, it goes so fast it literally looks like it teleports there.
  5. The main issue is that the mouse moves 1000Mph to the interface. I want it to move like a normal mouse. When going to click the interface is the only time the mouse speed changes. Idk why.
  6. Anytime I use the Interfaces.get(xxx,xx).click("Make All") The mouse jumps over to the interface so face that it sometimes misclicks, Is there anyway to remedy this? I have tried the Mouse.setSpeed and everything.
  7. @botsallday Thanks, I appreciate it.
  8. @botsallday One last Question, Is there anyway to calculate profits per herb cleaned without using osbuddy prices?
  9. I don't want anybody to spoon-feed me, I have been watching a lot of tutorials from Bucky on youtube lately and went back and checked my older scripts and WOW, I can see a tremendous difference in what I used to do and what I am doing now but I still have A LOT to learn. Besides, You don't learn anything if you are given everything but I appreciate the post. I hope it gives incentive to somebody to learn something. I hear you, I am still trying to learn about conditions and implementing them. They are a little confusing to me, but i will have it down by the end of this coming week I appreciate the examples, it helped out more than you know man.
  10. I used this, but It was not really helping. is there a tutorial I can read up on for this in case I missed something?
  11. How do you make the script wait until an action is done before performing the next action? for Example: if I were to withdraw 14 grimy herbs from the bank, and 14 vials of water, and i wanted to make it clean the herbs THEN use the herbs on the water W/O using tasks. How would I go about doing this? The issue I am having is it will withdraw the herbs, withdraw the vials, click the herb, click to clean them all, then as soon as 1 herb gets clean it clicks on that herb then clicks the vial. if it misclicks the vial or something it moves to the next herb and tries to click the vial. The only option I have to combat it doing this is using like sleep(10000) but I don't want to use that method. I am looking to expand my knowledge and figure out a different method but no matter what I try it does the same thing.
  12. Thank you, I found some very good documentation online about reading API's. I have cleaned my code up a little since you had last seen.
  13. I don't understand how to read the API. I watch videos and learn the methods they use, I never seen one use the method you described. I'd love if someone made a tutorial on how to read the API and use examples and stuff. I'm sorry if this doesn't make sense, I just smoked a bowl and running on almost no sleep.
  14. So, I started a script the other day, and I changed the code so much that I completely confused myself. Now I am having an issue that it will continue to open the bank and deposit the items and not wait until it is done making them. If I change the script around it will just Completely Stop when it goes to make the Items. It Also Skips the Check for "Tomato" in this and goes straight to the (Else) Area and decides to pull those items out instead. Here is that code. The bottom one is my banking. I know the banking method is completely fucked, but MAYBE it can be fixed.
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