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  1. @Buttamade a topic claiming it is working. However, LG cannot even find any RS clients for me.
  2. I wish we could just be compensated.
  3. Egyptian


  4. Honestly, I do feel the same way. I also feel that Tribot is the best out there. However, being the best doesn't mean that other clients have private scripts with the same function and just about no ban rate. I do look forward to LG being fixed sooner than later. I do plan on staying, but it's a real bummer - no compensation, LG is down.
  5. Don't apologize for the long read. The more the merrier. I noted this down and saved it in notes just in case I need to get back to it. Thank you. ty reading now where? ty
  6. Gym Available? YES Days of the week able to exercise: Not sure for now. All of spring break. Still in school after that. Age: 17 Current Weight: from 115-123 haven't checked Goal Weight: 135-140 in muscle with losing fat Objective: Grow in height and gain muscles as well as maintain the muscular body that I will have upon completion of your workout plan and then grow more muscle mass after that in college.
  7. Where can I find "Student aesthetics"?
  8. Really good gold seller. Probably the cheapest on the market. Very convenient service.
  9. I believe a mac has the close button on the top left as opposed to the top right.
  10. So, should I just get into the workout and lifting without a pre workout conditioning? Also, this will technically be my first time weightlifting and I don't know shit about the stances and how to do them properly.
  11. both especially pre workout
  12. @Butta Can you help me out with what I should do before going to the gym?
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