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  1. @gavin101 im down add me skype gabrielbilodeau
  2. Some people can gold farm only one method if their method is great and has no limit . Just make sure proxy / vps / smart botting are here and you'll have sucess after cupple trial
  3. What is the ban on this script ? people having great experience ??
  4. 1. Have you used proxies before? Yes2. How long do you bot RS each day? 24/73. How many bots do you run? 30
  5. 1. Have you used proxies before? Of course2. How long do you bot RS each day? 24h/73. How many bots do you run? 30
  6. Because i dont need them anymore @afxcel I am paying monthly and i cancel my subscritption too late so they renew for another month^^ they expire 2016-05-02
  7. Located in bufallo , SSD , 1 core , Tribot is already downloaded and ready to be used . Flawless with 1 acc each , might run 2 i never tried
  8. Processor3.4GHZ Ram1GB Storage100GB Bandwidth2000GB They are perfect for running 1 bot per vps ( there is 20 vps in total ) , You will never find a vps as cheap as that. Only 2.50$ Usd each . If you need any more information contact me on private message.
  9. Is anybody have this problem ?? may i ask what y'all use to have access to your vps ?
  10. Blame ROT , They ddos rs3-dmm-osrs and they killed everybody in deadman lol . 10k Cash easy saturday boy
  11. Liam script is pretty good , https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/1815-liam-s-wine-grabber/ Flawless with abc2
  12. @YoHoJo he was on spring break im waiting for update on my private script for more than a week . Supposed to be back today
  13. You just discovered something really rare Kappa
  14. when my bot going to Black chins with Games necklace to Corp beast . Once its out of the caverne it spam click the Games necklace , i have to fix it myself do i do something wrong ? it try to teleport again to corp once its out of caverne Also the bot dosnt hop world when a pker come , he attack me my bot just ignore him and keep farming and eat the lobster till he have none and then start running and die.
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