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  1. It is 1$ per weekend per mule/bot
  2. its hard taking care of them
  3. Mule/bot daycare I will be hosting a job in which i will take care of your mules and bots so they look legit, I will play on them level them up and never spend any times or any gold in the account This will lower the chance of your mule looking like a gold seller Prices: 1$ per weekend per mule or bot Leave feedback L: I know this is kind of dumb but it does work. most people use level 3 mules and get banned
  4. dragocow


    You can use the same ip
  5. dragocow


    Closed as it is not allowed
  6. add me on skype i can try to help i am good at solving paypal chargebacks live:nightkyze
  7. Bro bro here is a tip k listen dude this works everytime Get an ip logging link before selling gp tell them to click it make em say if you try to chargeback or refund the payment the seller will have to right to do as they wish with (The persons ip) and now if they try to refund you can give the ip to paypal and let them coordinate the "scam" also you can ddos him until he cancels it
  8. These met These method is recommended if jagex is suspicious that you might be running a bot farm or selling gold
  9. Guide for safe muling These guide will teach you how to mule your botted goods safely without getting banned. Requirements: 1.A level 4 combat account. 2.A mule (preferably with a proxy) 3.10 minutes Tutorial: Step 1: Give all your gold you have to your level 4 combat account. Step 2: go to staking arena with your mule and your level 4 combat account. Step 3 : Say I am the best ,I am risking (amount of gold) (fight me) Step 4: put up a stake with (Some Amount using your mule) and (add the)(Amount of money)and duel the mule) Step 5: Make sure your mule has good str step 6: your mule will win and it will look legit. Results Since you put some amount of money it will look legit and it will look like you are actually fighting an idiot so it wont be traceable back to you. If it worked for you please comment
  10. looking for a private scripter
  11. if you use a vps more than likely it is not in america or when rs checks the ip it gives some sort of company which gives a big red flag
  12. your main traded your mule thats why you got banned and also after the end of the day i always sell all the gp so even if i loose my accounts i just make new ones it takes 30 min to setup also the yew logs you can profit 100k/h if you do it in an area with not as much people
  13. if you dont go for yews you are still making 6m/d you lose 2m/d not an issue and the banrate on draynor looks very small
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