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Everything posted by Butta

  1. been lurking now and then good job
  2. Aminer by @Aropupu Allowed me to make more money than I could have ever thought of. He always provides bug fixes asap and listens to his customers. Underpriced script for sure.
  3. 10+ year old account. appealed multiple times over years. no, it was my first account after EOC on rs07, which i used to figure out botting. its ban got me motivated to start goldfarming back then & obviously I am lurking, never forget your roots!
  4. congratz to prem scripter after 10 years of work!

    1. WillB


      Thanks bby ❤️

  5. Made it into Tomorrowland's livestream this year, thanks!.
  6. Butta

    Yoho Gold

    you will get it, @YoHoJo is just a lazy man and probably sleeping!
  7. Butta

    Hello rabbit, 
    enjoy the new month ? 


  8. I could clap on @WillB's hollow head and make better music
  9. make it $1000 and @Mute will probably do it. Please gift him a trip to europe. ?
  10. Butta

    Hello, have a nice day rabbit !

  11. many lifetime users from back then afaik
  12. 1) no need to login , because I tell him when it is broken 2) perfect , 96 hours and you have your money back!
  13. 1) it's not a full time job, you can't expect 24hour support 2) the api of the client were fixed few hours ago 3) rules say he has 5 days to fix, after that you will get your money back
  14. thanks for this life changing script jamie, "Thanks TRiBot" thread coming soon!
  15. selling xrp 10cents

  16. @Arctic dw sunshine, i'll make up for you soon. Kaii will sleep on the floor.
  17. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=tribot+delete+hooks
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