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  1. Encoded, please consider adding a swapping minnows to sharks option. It's the only way to automate a farm
  2. Hello, I have been purchasing credits for a while with the same paypal account over and over again, without any issues. Yet this time i got them pending? Now this is extremely harmful for my current bot farm as im loosing many hours of botting that i will never get back.. I'd love for this to be solved as quickly as possible.. @Fluffee this is urgent.. i've purchased twice converting euro to USD which i thought was the problem..
  3. check if the script is compatible with tribot's break handler. If yes, just create custom breaks for your scripting habits.
  4. Runescape 3 has been declining for quite a while Stats from today doesn't look like the future, OR a great achievment all together
  5. @Beg looks good, btw the bot doesnt open doors, if someone closes the door it'll try going to the bank without opening the door ;p
  6. @Beg you can do it at any bank, all you need is to mix a pot of flour with a jug of water, then a new option will pop to select the dough you want to create, pizza dough, will be third, after that it'll ask how many and you input the ammount ( you can only create 9 at a time since jug's of water will become jug's, pot of flour will become just pots and the dough will use another free space ) It might be a bother to add, but if you want an account to try it out feel free to pm me ^^. Cooking guild works too btw ;p Kind regards.
  7. should add an option to make pizza bases ;p other then that really nice release Thanks!
  8. @Aropupu with the new update the bot doesn't leave the bank at motherlode, it just doesnt do anything when on the bank screen, also in the upper part when the inventory is full it also doesn't go down the stairs. It might be tribot related but since im quite newbie when it comes to scripts i'll just leave it out here ;p Kind regards
  9. @aropupu The issue seems to be fixed, it walked around and didnt click veins as it walked and no it wouldnt fix it if i walked around, it wouldnt even fix if i clicked the vein for the bot. However its fixed so its fine. Thanks for all the fast and kind support <3
  10. @Aropupu its the exact same bug it used to happen on the lower part as the bot isnt clicking the veins [03:02:36] Script Stack Trace:[03:02:36] java.lang.Thread.sleep(Native Method)[03:02:36] org.tribot.api.General.sleep(su:165)[03:02:36] org.tribot.script.Script.sleep(lm:110)[03:02:36] scripts.aMiner.R(aMiner.java:3665)[03:02:36] scripts.aMiner.C(aMiner.java:9061)[03:02:36] scripts.aMiner.run(aMiner.java:9041)[03:02:36] java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) always in this location: http://puu.sh/mL6Oh/0500bcc0cd.jpg happens very seldomly it seems
  11. @Aropupu http://puu.sh/mKCzg/e6a8e10f2a.jpg the script was rotating the camera here for like an hour trying to press the stairs as the inventory was full but just couldn't also the running back and forth happens when he cant select an ore he wants to mine it but then just moves to another location and comes back again trying to click the ore but doesn't
  12. @Aropupu the upper part of motherlode is still running around sometimes
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