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  1. if you hadn't already made me lose interest in this product you have now, almost every auth i had was lifetime. it should remain lifetime... i get people are abusing the system but you just ruined it for people like me aswell, the scripts i got lifetime auths for, are scripts that i would use time to time, i'll be fucked if i re-new these scripts once every couple of weeks now. nty. it was fine 2 years ago when i bought em but not now? nah i'm good, this is why i changed platforms long ago, you had 2-3 better scripts on here that i had a lifetime auth for and used, now i have no reason to use this.. i already gold farm via a different site due to this one being poorly updated in my opinion, this is indian giving at it fucking finest. You could have worked this out in a much better way instead of shitting on your paying customers time after time, i would back you guys day in and day out saying you do care about your customers etc, but the more it goes on the more i see, To anyone thinking on continuing here, cash out and get out, tribot is no longer what it used to be and never will be again. thankyou for my trips around the world and the tattoos i got to put on my body but as far as i'm concerned, we're done here. caio
  2. Is anyone else experiencing problems with this script atm or is it something on my end? runs for 15 minutes and stops.
  3. Hey @Druid, just wondering if it's possible to get monkfish added to the food options or maybe a custom id for food? thanks.
  4. these sites also buy it at a lower rate so they can make money off it.. last lot i sold was @ 0.89/m you're not to far off the mark really, just be patience
  5. Hey, @Starfox Just wondering if you could possibly add the lunar spell " spin flax " ? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello, I am just wondering if shift drop is supported? i went to test the trial but the npc I wanted to test on was not available in your options, so I couldn't find out myself, Thanks.
  7. Achieved 99 fm without a problem using your script, for those interested, the script played 681 wt games and gained 65+ fletch and wc, 35+ con.
  8. I was planning on using the trial first anyway. thankyou for your reply.
  9. When fixing the braziers, will the script react in time to re light it too or will it just fix it and then miss the re-light part? Just wondering before I purchase thanks.
  10. i re-newed my vip-e a couple days after tribot went down mid march, that month of vip-e expired yesterday, will i need to re-new again before i get compensation? i was only affected for the mid march issue.
  11. I was also about to say when/if i am compensated i'll renew. I know you've done it in the past but you were a lot faster then this last time.
  12. He only takes a 10% cut on scripts from what I was told from a previous prem scripter here.
  13. do honestly believe he pulls over 50k per month from tribot? You can never have to much money. Even millionaires have more then 1 income revenue. Even I have multiple incoming revenues and I'm far from a millionaire lol. Don't assume people are just using this for a few lvls.. You'll find most of the people who aren't complaining about down time are the ones that also use other clients to farm aswell as tribot. You'd actually be surprise how often your car example happens in Australia. It's almost a normal process here unless you go to a car yard or private seller. The thing is I would get to work via different transportation. Similar situation, I can't use tribot right now, but I can other clients still. Not to be a cunt here but If you're losing out on money, it's your problem. Not his or tho his services are down, You would have read it 1000 times on the forums. " don't put all your eggs in one basket " it it seems a lot of people have. Also I'm not arguing by any means, we are having a debate.
  14. So you're telling me, you believe he is solely dependent on his revenue from tribot? ( that's how i have read this ) You don't think he would have a job or might be studying something that takes up a majority of his time? or coding might be a hobby for him ?
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