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  1. As long as we get a dabbing squidward Emoji and a drooling retard Emoji, then i'm all aboard.
  2. Wow, hope everything is alright now
  3. While I agree with the format and tips, I also think that Script writers should show some leniency on unconventional reporting, since just the other day I was using xPrayer and I intentionally sat there watching it screw up. I reported it with detail, in his thread, then hit with a reply that i'm somehow wrong(?) and that I need to brush up on how to report a bug. This happens a lot. I'm a developer by profession and I know what it's like being on the other end. It's flippant and counter-productive to reject bug reports because of the way it was delivered to you, as opposed to just firing up your script with their same configuration and seeing- Oh yea, I see it too now. Whatever, just my rambling thoughts.
  4. Just bought it. I'm crafting Fires at the Fire altar using Ring of Dueling, and like clockwork, the bot will open the spellbook before running to the altar after using the Ring of Dueling to get to the duel arena. Is this something I should be worried about? It doesn't seem normal. Also while it has the spellbook open the output is spamming "Debug2". Cool script otherwise.
  5. No, I literally watched it stand in the bank for over 15 minutes, like I already said. That is an obvious break in functionality. The output was spamming 'sleeping for X' repeatedly during those 15 minutes, of random durations usually under 2 seconds. Sounds like your ABC2 usage got caught in a loop at the bank.
  6. Bump, also having the same issue
  7. Yea, uh, no. it's not working at all. Still getting "ACCESS IS DENIED" and did everything I was told to about Java.policy file, still not fixed. It was literally fucking working yesterday
  8. Wow dude, BIG fuxking thank you for coming in here to say you fixed it but not explaining how. Gotta fucking love that
  9. After a couple runs it literally just stands in the bank and endlessly repeats an ABC2 sleep of different durations. I watched it do this for like 15 minutes straight. Also it just keeps randomly quitting when it's trying to join a house (the host is online and actively hosting, I tripled-checked). This second bug isn't always able to be reproduced Was able to workaround this by completely disabling ABC2 in his script.
  10. Just bought this and bolt enchanting still doesn't work with v4.3. can you fix it? I'm trying to do Diamond Bolt enchanting and it just endlessly clicks the enchant bolt icon in the magic tab
  11. ineu

    Selling 98m rs07

    close this thread, my tribot account was compromised and someone logged in and posted this. changing pw now
  12. i'm on j8 udk 131. no excuse for this as it's the latest version. unacceptable. doesnt EVNE FUCKING WORK WITH OSBUDDY. so fucking frustrating. refund my money immediately or fix it , you r choice.
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