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  1. Seers village, @Einsteinsometimes the script has the camera angle down, (not birds eye view) and when it runs back to bank it rights clicks and climbs the ladder inside the bank instead of the wall (agi course seers village) and just keeps repeating going down then right clicks and goes back up the ladder
  2. ye a good mix, just run good breaks/ don’t bot stupid and use LG
  3. all my accounts were pk builds, Definitely not fresh level 3’s
  4. I’ve gotten 3 accounts 99 agility and around 10+ accounts 89/90 agility with aAgility( this was about 1-2 years ago), just recently got 90 agility on 2 more accounts using Einstein's relative agility script within the last 3 months. i break every 45 minutes for 5-15 minutes using the break handler, 5 hour session in the morning, decently long break during the day and than another 5 hours before bed, always using looking glass.
  5. script hasn't been updated since September? tried fletching darts, it fletches once then just sits there for 20 seconds then fletches another... @Netami way too slow, using script trial and playin it through LG
  6. does it work on looking glass? I ran the script at pollineveach and it just sat there for a minute, said 'looking for bandits' but just sat there so I just stopped it.
  7. sandyeggo

    Basic Miner

    gets stuck at runite wildy ores, when it runs up and gets aggroed by the spider It just keeps clicking the rock and getting attacked by spider.. also should support fast hopping if pkers login maybe? @Einstein
  8. Hey man love the script, but i would remove aerial fishing as it looks super sketchy, i noticed this happens a lot and it won’t correct itself. was babysitting the bot but it happened multiple times. And also when the bot has a full inventory it will only create 1 free inventory slot at a time, @Einstein
  9. looks like a rad script , how many quest points does it get you?
  10. This was a rad topic man, congrats!. familiar with every script on there except the “THO series” scripts, are those private?
  11. I think i might be blind but i can’t seem to find the recent proggies on the thread
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