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  1. Lol, just being 20 and being curious how to set everything up.
  2. Does anyone know how it works?
  3. I really dont know what site to buy items and gold from tho, which one is the cheapest and most reliable
  4. That’s stupid, accusing someone of it without even knowing anything or having proof. But what insurance?? How high can that be
  5. Okay cool, what shop were you working for? I love to work for one to, but dunno how and which one.
  6. When i buy coins or items from an other website, will i get banned etc?
  7. themaste1


    Yea i had member accounts before but they all got banned, thats why i do not like that idea anymore
  8. themaste1


    But isnt yanille member?
  9. themaste1


    Hello, I am trying to set up an mining farm, but the spots at varrock east and west are over populated, and when i go into fally mines or to alkharid i get attacked by scorpions even when my cb is lvl 17 and scorps are lvl 14. Does anyone know a better place to go or how to solve this?
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