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    Selling 260m

    Selling 07 Gold 260m Stock 0.75 USD/Mil Bitcoin payment only. I will only communicate on TRiBot via thread or PM. The buyer goes first. We can trade in small increments if it makes you more comfortable.
  2. @HeyImJamie @Fluffee Ok deleting the hooks fixed the issue. The script is working very well now and is logging out fast and being super cautious around other players which I like. Thank you for taking care of this so fast. This dispute is resolved now that the script is logging out fast enough. Thank you @HeyImJamie.
  3. Ok sounds good to me. I'll try this suggestion and report back. It has the bones and burning amulets in inventory but it's ending. I have >1k bones in bank and over >10 burning amulets (4) in bank. [18:39:53] Starting client. [18:40:08] Downloading script '[Premium] JAIOPrayer'. [18:40:09] Script Started: [Premium] JAIOPrayer. [18:40:13] [GUI Handler] Mode Selected: Wilderness Altar. [18:40:13] [GUI Handler] We'll be using: Superior dragon bones [18:40:13] [Task Handler] Tasks added for method: Wilderness Altar. If this is wrong, restart the
  4. Working smoothly on trial - bought 1 instance/month
  5. @Fluffee, to @HeyImJamie's point about statistics here's two screenshots: one for the purchase, and one seven minutes later after losing 648k in superior dragon bones. Both times it hovered over log out as Jamie stated but it didn't log out fast enough. The whole reason I bought the subscription to this bot was so I wouldn't have to log out manually. Just to clarify, I mean I was doing this whole process manually before, and I was able to log off when a pker logged in by keeping the cursor over the log out button. But this method is not afk so I wanted a bot to do it for me. That was why I tho
  6. @Worthy I noticed a behavior which is when the bot fetches planks from the demon butler, the bot immediately tries to call servant before the servant has returned. I noticed this while making Mahogany Desks. ABC multiplier is .15, and both override check boxes were check: override amount to 24 and override using keyboard.
  7. @Worthy After a long break from Tribot I'm back...this was the second sub*script*ion I bought...you know what they say...first is the worst second is the best...tried and true in this case. Thank you. It's working flawlessly as I remember it. You have done a bang up job here.
  8. I'd like to point out that @HeyImJamie is the expert in this scenario as they are the "Premium Scripter". I don't appreciate them treating me like "you're an idiot for buying the script now I'm going to teach you a lesson and not refund you," and then they go and tell me to fix the problem. I'm not the expert "premium scripter". I wouldn't know where to begin on how to make the bot log out faster. I'd also like to point out I bought VIP-E just to use this script.
  9. 1. Script Author: @HeyImJamie 2. Link to Script's Thread: 3. Date Purchased:4/6/2020 4. What type of duration did you purchase: 1 month 5. Proof that you have tried contacting the author about your issue(s): This was the scripter's response: 6. Issue(s): Script does not reliably log out when a pker logs in. I lost 648k worth of superior dragon bones in 2 subsequent runs. I'd like a refund because losing this amount of money in 10 minutes is ridiculous. The script is unreliable. I expected the script to work flawlessly but it do
  10. Hey brother, I've used the script for less than one hour (trial period). I paid for full price for a month hoping to get 99 prayer seeing as it was only script here to support wildy. I've lost 648k in two runs since the bot did not log out fast enough. I'd like to request a refund. Just want to say the bot works, but it doesn't log out fast enough. Thank you. Edit: btw these were subsequent runs. Very disappointing to lose this much so quickly.
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