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  1. @Octane112nd time getting pet using this script - @Worthy provides
  2. If your running into that problem I guess pray pot = 2 kills for me with under 52 pray.
  3. MEH most i can push on a 1 def acc is 14kc an hour no deaths ever... Just get BIS for your lvl and it will push the KC/HR up. Get veng... Bot also works fastest on a 4 way swap. Serp helm if you wanna cheese. My fastest kill ever is still with a rune c bow. Honestly the blow pipe is faster on some kills but using a dragon c bow now is pretty nice and lets you recover 1 inv spot which could be another kill if you have multiple kills toggled Get the world that has the best ping for you. Google how to.
  4. @Worthy Only repetitive bot like action I have seen so far is when is examines the clan cup champions happens about 2x -3x a day for my client. Pretty sure it's the ABC. Going to post todays zulrah tab after todays run it's juicy already with 4 rares in under 50 kills
  5. I deleted the settings folder in osbuddy and this fixed whatever was going on worthy.
  6. I just unistalled the client and reinstalled my attack styles are correct. thought i fixed it but its back again any more trouble shooting? only happens through lg.
  7. re purchased today an having some issues. Mouse hovers over zulrah changes position 4-5 times then hits attack sometimes not even getting a hit in per phase. Deleted caches - restarted tribot - suggestions?
  8. Having an issue where its hovering over zulrah and moving the mouse around instead of attacking. just changed positions of the mouse 5 times then clicks attack. frustrating this happens on every phase for myself.
  9. 75-81 magic for free ohh nom nom nom slow crawl trident gains
  10. yeah I have them on, it's just unlucky timing. It moves to click spec and just gets owned cant eat through. Nothing you can do. not an issue
  11. I noticed sometimes when clicking the spec bar my pure will get owned by a 41 to something else hit. I prioritize eating at 70+ . Not specing "might" have kept me alive. Not sure if this is what he/she is asking for.
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