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  1. @Octane112nd time getting pet using this script - @Worthy provides
  2. If your running into that problem I guess pray pot = 2 kills for me with under 52 pray.
  3. MEH most i can push on a 1 def acc is 14kc an hour no deaths ever... Just get BIS for your lvl and it will push the KC/HR up. Get veng... Bot also works fastest on a 4 way swap. Serp helm if you wanna cheese. My fastest kill ever is still with a rune c bow. Honestly the blow pipe is faster on some kills but using a dragon c bow now is pretty nice and lets you recover 1 inv spot which could be another kill if you have multiple kills toggled Get the world that has the best ping for you. Google how to.
  4. @Worthy Only repetitive bot like action I have seen so far is when is examines the clan cup champions happens about 2x -3x a day for my client. Pretty sure it's the ABC. Going to post todays zulrah tab after todays run it's juicy already with 4 rares in under 50 kills
  5. I deleted the settings folder in osbuddy and this fixed whatever was going on worthy.
  6. I just unistalled the client and reinstalled my attack styles are correct. thought i fixed it but its back again any more trouble shooting? only happens through lg.
  7. re purchased today an having some issues. Mouse hovers over zulrah changes position 4-5 times then hits attack sometimes not even getting a hit in per phase. Deleted caches - restarted tribot - suggestions?
  8. Having an issue where its hovering over zulrah and moving the mouse around instead of attacking. just changed positions of the mouse 5 times then clicks attack. frustrating this happens on every phase for myself.
  9. 75-81 magic for free ohh nom nom nom slow crawl trident gains
  10. yeah I have them on, it's just unlucky timing. It moves to click spec and just gets owned cant eat through. Nothing you can do. not an issue
  11. I noticed sometimes when clicking the spec bar my pure will get owned by a 41 to something else hit. I prioritize eating at 70+ . Not specing "might" have kept me alive. Not sure if this is what he/she is asking for.
  12. ohh much love, going to run some accounts through in a week or two. The zulrah helper is working great right now. My 12 year old nephew is downing it for me. Winter breaks great.
  13. I'm missing on the highscores =( back on a 1 def pure it's averaging 2:30 kills PFTT. stupid... 75mage
  14. Back again. Had to make a new account to bot on. Got tagged with a temp after using agility bot He he he.
  15. i've been using this for about 6 months now on and off go back through the thread i posted my gear setup and gui i think 3 times. Cheese wiz gear. I think i've got a 400-500m signature on zulrah somewhere if worthy sends me a new one. Posting a 2 week progress report in the coming days to show users what this bot does everyday when used correctly.
  16. The gem gods have blessed me... 3rd-4th days both halfday botting. 2 elite clues added the loot to the bag. Try increasing the heap size on the client fixed some lag issues for me.
  17. everyone that has messaged me about dying always leaves the slide tab-reaction-bar to far to the right. Just trying to see if this is another one who does it. They fix that and everything works. It's the peanut butter to the jelly. ties it all together. See your character dying in poison or swapping gear/prays move the reaction bar to the left. Magical things
  18. Try messing with your reaction-tab. Move it to the left more.
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