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  1. alright ill give it try. thanks
  2. not free and all paid for optimus combat and magic master chopper aio optimus pes control
  3. ok my latest problem is that I have made over ten accounts in the last 5 days,and they all have been banned in the first 24-48 hours.. I have tried numerous ways of running the bots all to which have not worked.. Ive leveled a few of my other skills and even completed a few random quests to make it different. Ive seen multiple posts on here with screenshots of botting times over 50 hours.. and claims to never be banned and such. im just curious if its actually possible to bot without being banned? also 5 of these accounts were older accounts <2 plus years old> the others were weeks old I it. all accounts were p2p as well any help is appreciated
  4. so I know no one is going to tell me but here it goes anyways.. ive made over 10 accounts in the last 5 days. ive used multiple scripts for woodcutting.. I get banned every time around the 24-48 hour mark. doesn't matter if I train account first or even bust  out a few quests. Ive tried running the script's several different ways as well. I use to bot back in 2015 and had no problems but now I cant seem to get it to work. 


    Any help is appreciated 

  5. I am currently having a problem once the script starts.. it works for maybe 10-12 minutes then it trys to bank and just sits there? ive let it sit there to maybe correct itself but it does nothing. As of now I haven't made it past 12 minutes.
  6. masterfleek


    and no i don't have skype.. my gf thinks I'm a nerd enough
  7. masterfleek


    alright now my issue is when i run the program. When i go to run the script it says to "resizable mode is not supported please change the screen mode to be fixed."
  8. masterfleek


    yes man!! but it wont do anything
  9. masterfleek


    yes man!! but it wont do anything
  10. masterfleek


    well heres my problem. I cant open up tri bot. The damn file wont download or something.. I have like 10 files now for tribot but nothing happens when I click them.
  11. masterfleek


    I just purchased the pc bot.... idk if that was a bad mistake or not buttt idk how to open it at all. after i bought it thats all that happend? im new to this and a little comfused what do i do step by step? is there somehwere that tells me?
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