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  1. can you fix picking up cannon after leaving area / banking it always fails to pick up cannon and leaves it behind and can you make it pick up cannon before choosing to hop worlds (I havent tested this but just in case it doesn't )
  2. You aren't asking stupid questions It just seems like you don't have a specific question, you're just asking every question you can think of because it sounds like you have no botting experience at all. So I'd recommend getting some experience by trying to make a simple profitable bot account before trying to bot your way up to a barrows account. Definitely use a proxy though, you don't want to flag accounts from your home IP all for a test botting account. First understand that this is not an easy task, if you really think about it this is the most important part of your bo
  3. Well yes they probably do get accounts banned quicker. But I dont think that's a reason not use them, proxies have their purpose and it's for gold farming accounts that will eventually get banned. Trying to pay people to run bots for you has never been a efficient alternative. I say accept the fact that these accounts will be banned and make use of them while they last.
  4. I'm still experiencing the same issues, Scripts that I bought during the "downtime" and scripts that I'm adding right now are still not appearing in the Script Manager. While refreshing my user panel, half the time it's displaying accurate active subscriptions and the other half it's not.
  5. Recently purchased & activated scripts aren't showing up under Script Manager
  6. Hey, incredible looking script ! Super excited to give it a try. What are the minimum account requirements to run this script ? and what amount of gold should be left on an account for full completion ? Regards
  7. How will my bots know to trade their farmed gold/items to the mule running this script? or does this script only support nScripts? thanks
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