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  1. Bought the script yesterday and been running it since, left it overnight when I went to bed and I woke up to see it still running. Really happy so far!!! ( 95 magic log avg at 88 woodcut ) on 2 accounts
  2. How do you get your accounts unflagged lol, can't bot anymore gets hoped around so much
  3. The script title says black chinchompa support but theres on black chincompa option in the GUI? So how do you hunt for them?
  4. Hey, i am somehow losing all my box traps when hunting red chins.. any fix for this? - I noticed it just randomly hops worlds so i lose all my traps lol
  5. How do you keep motivated for this lol. I've been trieng to bot with multiple accounts for months now, just had my 8 cmb acc's which i made yesterday perm banned again. Every time i train up accounts they get all permed before im even high enough to go to the spot i want. My accounts i don't bot on remain untouched. Any tips on surviving long enough to make a day's profit at the spot i want? Need 40-50 cmbat for that.
  6. Doesn't click bank/nature altar anymore since the update. Does the other things ( glory tele / empty pouches etc )
  7. Could you please make the bot log out when it is out of supplies, like glory's? Or recharge glorys when theyre all empty idk how hard that is to code!
  8. Says [10:14:00] Downloading script 'USA Merchanter'.[10:14:04] The maximum amount of instances for this script has been surpassed. Cannot run script.All the time, when i dont even have anyhting running yet. lame.
  9. Still doesnt work for me. Restarted / downloaded a thousand times.
  10. Doesnt do any randoms [22:57:37] Typing: "thanks. :P"[23:03:21] We are attempting to solve the Drill Demon random.[23:03:21] java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/xuggle/mediatool/ToolFactory[23:03:21] at obf.jd.(qh:82)and closes the script.
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