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  1. ran the trial for a little over half an hour at ZMI. few things I noticed: 1. religiously misses the click to go down the ladder, instead clicking on the lava above it, making the character start running back down the path. sometimes it bounced back and forth misclicking for 3 or 4 cycles. I'd suggest adding a pause or something to make sure it clicks on the actual ladder 2. only drinking 4 dose staminas. best way IMO to do things would be to sip a dose of stamina while banking for the first batch of essence to fill pouches. 3. Not using ESC to close bank interface. just
  2. Update fixed the problem, thanks! would it be possible to have an option for teaks where no matter what the script will stay on the tile between two teaks? Personally I feel that's how most people in hardwood grove/Ape atoll who aren't tick manipulating do their woodcutting Tried doing so by making a custom area with the center tile and two tree tiles highlighted, but the script just said "walking to trees" and sat there
  3. Tried running the trial at hardwood grove. Set it to powerchop teak, but when I hit start it just begins running between trees spamming to chop a different one just a few ticks into woodcutting edit: also tried running it on Ape Atoll and it does the same thing. rather than just sit between the two teaks, it runs between the three it can see and then runs back to chop a different tree just a few ticks into the chopping cycle
  4. Any chance of being able to add a feature that will switch from graceful to prospectors before collecting ore?
  5. tried that as well. went through and hunted down every java related folder afterward and used CCleaner to make sure i got everything too. currently only have JDK 8-102 installed as that was the one suggested in one of the LG guide threads.
  6. I got the same exact end result. debug prints the same message. also tried loading the game on a web browser and with the OSRS game client and got the same result.
  7. Can not get LG to hook to the osbuddy client for the life of me: so far I've tried: Clearing tribot folder, Using different JDKs, Wiping all java files off my computer with ccleaner and reinstalling, and nothing has worked so far. always the same problem with the same debug message. Using 32 bit OSbuddy Jar with tribot Jar. Tried JDK 8-101, 102, 111, 144 Also have double checked firewall on tribot and attempted to boot up the client with windows firewall off. each and every time i get this same message;
  8. personally each time i make new accounts, I play on them manually for about 3 days doing skilling/combat training/ quests. after that I will put membership on them, and train them with the "AFK sand crabs" script for combat stats, and always use LG. Hope this helps :]
  9. I believe there is an option already to "drop junk" or something of that sort
  10. lucky, i went from zero black marks to perm ban when i got hit at zulrah. As for continuing to bot, like everyone else says "if you don't want to lose the account then don't bot it" BUT I personally maxed 2 mains and a pure at NMZ without a ban. I use dharok/absorbtion method (even in void) but eat the rock cake back to 1hp, NOT the rapid heal flicking. Also i only ran/run during non-business hours and only run with LG. Gl to you
  11. your pictures aren't showing up on either one, try uploading a screenshot to imgur and then link that
  12. Tribot uses its own client when you open it up normally and hit "new client" if you buy VIP-E, when you go to open up tribot you will have an option that says "new client (looking glass)" which will mirror an osrs/osbuddy client he's not VIP-E
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